Speaker Information

Conference sessions are meant to provide information for industry professionals, not to make a sales pitch for services or products. Attendees will be dissatisfied if they sense a presenter is providing promotional material for his or her own benefit.

Once a proposal is accepted, NRPA asks the lead speaker of the session for a copy of the session PowerPoint presentations and other handouts before the conference, to include in the Online Library for pre-conference access by attendees to reduce the number of printed handouts on-site.

Conference attendees are often seeking CEU’s for certification purposes. NRPA encourages all sessions to qualify for CEU’s. CEU qualified speakers will be asked to provide their credentials, experience speaking on the subject, an outline of the presentation and method of ascertaining that attendees met the session learning outcomes.  To comply with CEU standards, all speakers are required to read the Planning a Learning Program Packet.

Read the Planning a Learning Program Packet


Speaker Registration

Conference education session speakers will receive a complimentary one day education registration package for each day of speaking (up to 2 days). The complimentary one day education registration package includes access to the following:

  • All of the education sessions for the day(s) of registration
  • General Session (if the day of registration is on Tuesday)
  • Exposition admission for the day(s) of registration
  • NRPA Research Sessions for the day(s) of registration

The complimentary one day education registration package does not include the following:

  • Welcome Party
  • Closing Party
  • Any conference social
  • Off-Site Institutes
  • Golf Tournament
  • Fun Run
  • Event tickets

Honorarium / Travel Reimbursement Policies

Some of our conferences have a small budget to pay for speaker honorariums and speaker travel reimbursement. If the speaker requires an honorarium and/or travel reimbursement to present this proposed session, please complete the appropriate on the proposal form for each speaker. The proposals requiring speaker honorariums and/or travel reimbursement will be reviewed separately from the other proposals and decisions will be made based on proposal quality, session needs and budget requirements.