What Makes a GREAT Day at Work?: The 3 Cs of Work Satisfaction

Session Type:  Speed Session (20 miniutes)

Track: Leadership and Management


At times during your career, perhaps while driving home (or before falling asleep) you likely have reflected back at the end of the workday and thought to yourself, “Now that was a GREAT day at work!” Ever wonder what made it such a great day? Has anyone ever studied this? Are there common factors to these GREAT days from which we can learn? The answer, of course, is YES and it involves the three “Cs.” Just what are these magical "Cs" you ask? Discover them — and how you can help to create ideal "GREAT day" conditions for your team.


Learning Outcomes:

Discover the common factors known as the three "Cs" that can help to create the feeling of a GREAT day at work, and how these factors can be woven into the work culture and the daily routine of employees.



Michael Kirschman

Director, Virginia Beach (Virginia) Parks and Recreation

For the past 25 years, Michael Kirschman has presented at countless state and national conferences. He has instructed for 7 years at Supervisors Management School and for 2 years at Green School, and currently he is an instructor for Directors School.

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