The Esports Experience: Determining the Best Esports Programs to Build and Strengthen Communities

10/27/2020 3 p.m. EDT

Session Type:  Education Session (1 hour)

Track: Recreation and Sports Programming


Esports, or competitive video gaming, not only has grown to be an impressive billion-dollar industry, but also is now also known as the "new social network" attracting multi-generational players and spectators alike. For parks and recreational professionals, this means Esports can have tremendous impacts on equity and health and wellness within communities. The opportunities to bring esports experiences to the population at-large are endless. From recreational esports programs, to STEM/STEAM learning, to tapping into the sports tourism business, understanding all the possibilities to bring inclusive and innovative esports experiences to communities will be the focus at this interactive lecture. We will provide field-tested and proven concepts from real-life case studies of esports experiences we've activated over the past year. In addition, we will share best practices and guidelines to determine the best approach to launching the best esports program for your community.


Learning Outcomes:

Assess your own readiness and current capabilities to launch Esports programs in their community.

Design effective Esports programming that optimizes social inclusion and maximizes innovative learning for all.

Aply the framework and guidelines presented to determine the best financial model for Esports programming, equipment and staffing.



Scott Novis

CEO and Founder, Bravous Youth Esports and GameTruck LLC

Scott Novis is the founder of GameTruck, the market leader in the video-game-theater-on-wheels franchise business, and founder and CEO of Bravous Youth Esports, the dominant force behind STEM/STEAM programs using video games in New York and Arizona. Novis holds 11 patents and dual engineering degrees. He ran development studios for the Walt Disney Company, Pixar Studios and many other notable gaming projects.

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