Supporting Rising Leaders for Greater Field-Wide Equity

Session Type:  Speed Session (20 miniutes)

Track: Equity and Inclusion


Over the past six years, the Rising Leaders Fellowship has provided professional development, a space for challenging the status quo, and continued retention efforts for talented professionals of color and their allies. After completing a formal evaluation in 2020, we are prepared to share the outcomes, strategies and field-wide impacts that this program has had on the environmental sector, its participants and the continued equitable development of leadership opportunities for people of color. Participants of this speed session will walk away with a deepened understanding of equitable and inclusive retention efforts, insights into creating professional development programming, and inspiration for the role that they can play in a more just and equitable environmental field.


Learning Outcomes:

Explore and understand the importance of equitable and inclusive professional development opportunities and the role they play in the retention of talented professionals of color.



Rena Payan

Senior Program Manager, Youth Outside

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