Park It Here: Trailblazing Tech

10/27/2020 4:30 p.m. EDT

Session Type:  Education Session (1 hour)

Track: Planning, Design and Maintenance


Manatee County (Florida) has embraced a wide variety of technology that has helped increased efficiency while providing valuable tools to the public. Grounds teams now use a mobile application, called Survey123, which provides office managers and stakeholders a real-time view of inspections as they’re done. Additionally, the County also has started using drones and field-painting robots — the drones have been great for conducting various assessments while “GiGi.” the Turf Tank robot, can paint sport fields in record time and free staff to focus on other tasks. The County has promoted its amenities with various maps and web applications that are available to residents. With these tools, they can easily find their nearest parks and amenities, walk trails before visiting them and more! Join us to see how you, too, can implement new technology in your organization.


Learning Outcomes:

Learn to apply a wide variety of technology and resources to solve regular challenges.

Understand the potential return on investement when using the presented technology.

Create invaluable applications for park management and public use.



Carmine DeMilio

Parks/Grounds Operations Manager, Manatee County (Florida) Government

Carmine DeMilio is originally from New Jersey, where he managed parks and recreation for the Township of North Brunswick for 23 years. For the past nine-plus years, DeMilio has been the parks operations manager and ADA compliance coordinator with Manatee County Government of Florida. He and his team of 80 maintain more than 70 athletic fields.


David Morehead

GIS System Analyst, Manatee County (Florida) Government

David Morehead is a lifelong resident of Manatee County, Florida, and alumni of the University of South Florida (USF). During his time studying anthropology at USF, he found a passion for geospatial sciences. In 2016, Morehead began his career as a geographic information system analyst for Manatee County’s Property Management Department.


Lea Harper

GIS System Analyst, Manatee County (Florida) Government

Lea Harper is a Florida native and a University of South Florida alumni. After graduating, she decided to make Tampa Bay her home and has since been a GIS analyst at Manatee County. Her formal training is in environmental science and policy, but her work today includes facility asset management, building emergency preparedness and recovery apps, and conducting vulnerability assessments.

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