More Than an In-Service: A Layered Approach to Aquatics Staff Training

10/29/2020 1:30 p.m. EDT

Session Type:  Education Session (1 hour)

Track: Aquatics


Aquatics staff training is beyond a monthly in-service requirement. Learn to take a layered approach to aquatics staff training by breaking up workplace culture expectations and protocol, operational and emergency procedures, and program administration into bite-sized education that is delivered in a variety of formats, but offered to a variety of team members. Use your creativity to come up with the "what" instead of the "how" by completing a training needs assessment and building your own customized Hierarchy of Staff Training. Learn to find ways to replicate yourself in the overall structure of staff training, so your team can learn predominately from passive, group, peer and environmental ways of coaching and learning. Gone are the days of focusing primarily on energy (and time!) heavy one-on-one trainings or reverting back to monthly lifeguard in-services as the sole source of information delivered to staff.


Learning Outcomes:

Identify aquatics and workplace specific topics, content and formatting to effectively deliver necessary information to staff

Understand the five parts of the hierarchy of staff training (and the stairstep model) and ways to provide training opportunities within each layer

Learn how to break up your division of focus and how to spread out trainings to all members of the team



Katherine Connell

Aquatics Program Supervisor, City of Iowa City, Iowa

Kate Connell is an advocate for equity in recreational water use and has assisted in providing free swimming lessons, safety education and accessible pool events. Connell leads trainings and conversations on equitable aquatics, staff training and humanness through leadership. She also is experienced in private recreation as a yoga teacher trainer and author of The Art of Teaching Private Yoga.

Sydney Stodola

Recreation Assistant/Assistant Aquatics Supervisor, Iowa City (Iowa) Parks and Recreation

Sydney Stodola is a community-minded recreational professional based out of the Midwest. She currently serves as the recreation assistant for the city of Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department. Stodola aims to provide fun, educational and equitable opportunities to those in her municipality and beyond by advocating for exciting and inclusive aquatic programming and policies. She believes that with enough creativity, spunk and thorough research and planning, we can meet the needs of each and every person we serve.

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