Emerging Leaders: Put the Pow! in Powerhouse

10/27/2020 3 p.m. EDT

Session Type:  Education Session (1 hour)

Track: Career Development


Powerhouse [pou-er-hous]: a person, group, team or the like, having great energy, strength or potential for success. Every emerging leader wants to be the very best at their profession. The biggest challenge is not knowing what you don't know. This facilitated panel discussion will give students and up-and-coming leaders the opportunity to learn from veteran professionals. Students will learn invaluable tricks of the trade that will help them be successful and put the 'pow' in their understanding of the profession. Students and emerging leaders also will be able to ask questions that will give them the skills needed for future employment.


Learning Outcomes:

By engaging in a question/answer process, learn how to list current trends and needs of the parks and recreation profession that will give concrete ideas for employment.

Define and recognize the steps necessary to meet the expectations of a successful parks and recreation professional.

Outline the next steps for employment by identifying their areas of expertise and ways to align them with the needs of their community and/or professional preference.



Karen Hesser

Chief of Operations, Five Rivers MetroParks

Karen Hesser is focused on engaging individuals, teams and organizations to envision, strategize and realize their full potential toward the effectiveness, efficiency and success of the organization through coaching, mentoring, delegation and empowering to achieve consistently high-quality work and personal accountability.


Kristy Lintz

Golf Operations Manager, City of Rapid City (South Dakota)

Kristy Lintz is a certified parks and recreation professional employed with the city of Rapid City for the past 15 years. Her diverse experience includes youth and adult programming, special events, and is currently the golf operations manager for the city’s two public courses. She specializes in marketing, communications and customer service.


Lori A. Hoffner

Professional Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, Supporting CommUnity, Inc.

Lori A. Hoffner has been offering training for positive youth development, community networking and organizational relationship building since 1997. For 11 years, Hoffner was the executive director of PACCT, a small nonprofit dedicated to the success of youth and community. She specializes in positive community, program and relationship development.


Steve Herrig

Director of Park and Recreation, City of Great Falls (Montana)

Steve Herrig is a certified parks and recreation professional and is currently the director of park and recreation for the city of Great Falls, Montana. Herrig gained his knowledgeable, professional background in Kansas. He served as the recreation manager for Blue Valley Recreation in Overland Park, Kansas, for almost 12 years.


Tiffany Johnson

Recreation Manager, Seattle (Washington) Parks and Recreation

Tiffany Johnson is a Ph.D. student and recreation manager for Seattle Parks and Recreation in Washington state. She is a certified parks and recreation professional (CPRP), who also has attained a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) in public management, a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (BS) in parks and recreation management, and a minor in business management.

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