Safe Spaces for High Performers: How to Create a Safe Space for Your Workforce

10/28/2020 3 p.m. EDT

Session Type:  Education Session (1 hour)

Track: Employee and Volunteer Management


In this interactive learning experience, participants will explore the characteristics of high performers and how engaging these key team members within the workplace can be critical to work performance. Identifying these characteristics will create an opportunity for managers and coworkers to put into action the concept of “checking on your strong friends.” High-performing staff members can be an asset to your team. However, managing and staying engaged with such members can be a challenge. This session will stimulate a conversation that identifies characteristics of high performers and also puts into action essential staff engagement tools to support the continued success of high performers within the workplace. This interactive lecture experience will mirror in delivery previously well-attended and received NRPA Annual Confernce lectures facilitated by Cortni and Atuya, such as "What Is Your Awesome Sauce?!?!" and "Tap Into Your Power to Inspire."


Learning Outcomes:

Leave with evidence-based techniques in order to identify high performers within your departments/workgroups.

Leave with strategies to identify your high performers characteristics and how these characteristics impact work performance.

Leave with a five-star plan which supports high performers while valuing their contributions.



Atuya Cornwell

County-Wide Sports Coordinator, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Prince George's County (Maryland) Department of Parks and Recreation

Atuya Cornwell is an active member of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and is passionate about connecting young professionals with professional development tools. Cornwell has organized and participates in several professional development video blogs and has written numerous blogs. He has presented at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 NRPA Conferences. Cornwell is the 2015 recipient of NRPA's Robert W. Crawford Young Professional Award.


Cortni Grange

Founding Partner, Grange Enterprises

Cortni Grange — problem solver, social entrepreneur and impact strategist — is a father, creator and lover of all things jerk chicken. He has been fortunate to explore speaking and workshop facilitation, impacting more than 10,000 lives. Grange has given keynotes for National Philanthropy Day and Washington, D.C. Startup Week, and he has facilitated workshops with The Washington Redskins, Milwaukee Bucks, D.C. Public School system and We Work.

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