Communicating with Your Social Media Audience During a Crisis

Session Type:  Speed Session (20 miniutes)

Track: Public Relations and Marketing — Speed Session


This speed session will focus on crisis communication for nonprofits and small businesses. During the COVID-19 public health crisis, organizations and businesses of every size and in every industry have suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves in an unprecedented storm of chaos. Effectively communicating changes in event plans, services and fundraising strategies is no small feat and requires consistency and strategy. Yet, staying in touch with clients and customers has never been more important. Social media is a great tool to communicate with your client base effectively during times of crisis, such as COVID-19. Join us for a session guided by award-winning crisis management pro Meghan Rothschild, president of Chikmedia, to discuss how we can navigate these communications challenges and sustain our organizations through unpredictability and change.


Learning Outcomes:

Develop an effective crisis communication message to your audience and broadcast it throughout all social media platforms in a consistent manner.



Meghan Rothschild

President and Founder, Chikmedia

Meghan Rothschild has more than 13 years experience in Marketing and Public Relations (PR). She is the president of Chikmedia and has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Marie Clare magazine, Fitness magazine, Teen Vogue, WebMD, ABC World News, The Huffington Post, Associated Press, Inside Edition, NBC Nightly News and CNN. Her work in PR has landed her an award from Cosmopolitan magazine.

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