What will determine NRPA’s decision to cancel the 2021 NRPA Annual Conference in Nashville?

NRPA will follow all federal, state and local guidelines for in-person gatherings as well as recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We will cancel the in-person event while continuing to offer a quality virtual event: if we cannot create a safe in-person event; if any federal, state, or local restrictions prevent us from hosting an in-person event; or if the facility mandates capacity limits placing the event in a negative financial situation.

If the in-person portion of the conference is cancelled, what will happen with my exhibit payment?

If we cancel the in-person conference in Nashville, you can apply your exhibit payment towards your participation in the virtual conference, apply all or a portion towards advertising, or request a full refund. We will not be deferring any payments to the 2022 NRPA Annual Conference.

How will current COVID-19 restrictions affect attendance capacity?

Based on current restrictions, we can accommodate 3,000 education seats.* The 3,000 education seats may increase if the CDC reduces the 3-foot physical distancing guidance for classrooms prior to the conference.

*The number of education seats does not reflect total conference attendance. We also will sell a limited number of Exhibit Hall Only passes.

What is a hybrid conference?

A hybrid event is a tradeshow, conference, seminar or other meeting that combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component. Both the in-person and virtual attendees should feel like they are attending the same event — even if their method of attending may be different. The 2021 NRPA Annual Conference in-person and virtual events will be offered simultaneously, September 2123.

Are exhibitors required to participate in both the in-person and virtual conferences?

No, exhibitors will not be required to participate in both events. However, if you opt to exhibit in-person only and NRPA needs to cancel this portion of the event, you will have the option to put these funds towards the virtual conference, advertising or request a full refund. We will not be deferring any payments to the 2022 NRPA Annual Conference.

What features will the 2021 NRPA Annual Conference virtual platform offer to help exhibitors increase leads and drive engagement to virtual booths?

We have many innovative options in the virtual platform to maximize engagement in your virtual booth. Please contact your sales representative (see below) for more information.

Are there any incentives for exhibitors to participate in the virtual portion of the 2021 NRPA Annual Conference?

Yes, any exhibitor that participates in the virtual event will receive double Priority Points (or 2 points per $1,000 investment) for the 2022 NRPA Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sponsors of the in-person conference in Nashville also will receive incentives to participate in the virtual event based on their level of sponsorship. Please contact your sales representative (see below) for more information.

Will in-person exhibit hall hours overlap with virtual exhibit hall hours?

We will offer exclusive virtual exhibit hall hours on Thursday, September 23, when the in-person exhibit hall is closed.


For other questions about exhibiting or sponsorship opportunities, contact us directly.

Ruth Wheeler
Senior Corporate Development Officer
rwheeler@nrpa.org | 703.858.2178

Michelle Dellner
Senior Corporate Development Officer
mdellner@nrpa.org | 949.248.1057