The CPSI exam consists of 100 questions.  The testing agency will notify NRPA of your score approximately three to four (3-4) weeks following the examination. NRPA will provide your exam results and an exam score report via email once the scores are received.

CPSI Exam Content Outline

CPSI Candidate Handbook

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Location and Scheduling

Individuals may take the CPSI Exam either on the third day of a classroom course or through Computer Based Testing (CBT).  

CBT Candidates must submit an application either online or by mail.  Once your application is received and approved you will receive a confirmation email which will include an authorization ID. You should expect to receive a confirmation email within 7-10 days after submission of the application and exam fee. Individuals can then contact a local test center to set an exam appointment time. Applicants will have 90 days from the time of registration to take the CPSI Exam.

The CPSI CBT Exam is administered through PSI Services Professional Testing Company at over 196 testing centers across the United States. Testing is also available on US military installations.

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Before applying for the CPSI computer based exam please read through the candidate handbook

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