Individuals may take the CPSI Exam either on the third day of a classroom course or through Computer Based Testing (CBT).  The CPSI exam consists of 100 questions, 95 scored and 5 unscored pre-test. 

If taking the exam on the third day of a classroom course, the testing agency, PSI Services, will notify NRPA of your score approximately three to four (3-4) weeks following the examination. NRPA will provide your exam results and an exam score report via email once the scores are received.

If taking the CBT, exam results are provided on-site at the conclusion of the exam.

CPSI Exam Content Outline

CPSI Paper/Pencil Candidate Handbook

CPSI CBT Candidate Handbook

Apply For Exam


Locations and Scheduling

CBT Candidates must submit an application either online or by mail.  Once your application is received and approved you will receive a confirmation email which will include an authorization ID. You should expect to receive a confirmation email within 7-10 days after submission of the application and exam fee. Individuals can then contact a local test center to set an exam appointment time. Applicants will have 90 days from the time of registration to take the CPSI Exam.

The CPSI CBT Exam is administered through PSI Services Professional Testing Company at over 200 testing centers across the United States. Testing is also available on US military installations.

Find a Test Center

Before applying for the CPSI computer based test please read through the candidate handbook


Special Accommodations

CBT Candidates requesting special accommodations must call PSI Services at 1-888-519-9901 to schedule their examination.

Verification of the disability and a statement of the specific type of assistance needed must be made in writing to PSI Services at least 45 calendar days prior to your desired examination date by completing the Request for Special Examination Accommodations form.

PSI Services is equipped with Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDD) to assist deaf and hearing-impaired candidates. TDD calling is available 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) Monday through Friday at 913-895-4637. This TDD phone option is for individuals equipped with compatible TDD machinery.

English as a Second Language

All ESL Accommodation Request  Forms  must be submitted to NRPA at least 2 weeks prior to the examination date.

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