Since its start in the late 1950’s the standards for professional certification have evolved, from its origin as a registration program for park and recreation professionals to what we know now as the Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) certification. The first Job task analysis was commissioned by the National Certification Board in the early 1980’s and the first CPRP examination was administered in 1990 at NRPA’s National Congress.



With approximately 5,000 professionals currently active within the program, the Certified Park and Recreation Professional certification is one of the leading professional certifications in the field. The national CPRP examination is designed to assess the core knowledge of job-related tasks common to entry to mid-level park and recreation professionals. The test is based on the results of a job analysis, and the content outline is a reflection of the role of hundreds of recreation and park professionals. Each year’s examination exactly matches the content outline, and all test questions have been unanimously approved by a committee of subject matter experts.


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The National Certification Board and the CPRP/E Certification Committee support the achievements of the NRPA mission and is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the profession of parks, recreation and leisure services by providing quality certifications to the industry.


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