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Sunday, February 2
 Travel Day
Monday, February 3
 Explore why sustainability matters within the global context and why sustainability planning at the organizational level is an effective strategy to progress.
 Define the sustainability planning process.
 Establish metrics and baselines for consistent tracking of data.
 Introduction to energy systems.
Tuesday, February 4
 Energy systems continued with guidance on interpreting utility bills, identifying the greatest consumers on campus, and establishing goals for reduction.
 Water management overview with focus on potable water systems and methods for consumption reduction through proven strategies.
Wednesday, February 5
 Sustainable design & construction terminology and concepts will be explored and advice provided on creating guidelines for new projects and renovations.
 Building & site management dives into the ongoing facilities maintenance and business operations highlighting opportunities for enhancing green practices through routine activities.
 Establishing a vision & mission for institutional sustainability plans after utilities have been organized and baseline metrics defined.
 Purchasing strategies and policies introduced to streamline sustainability goals across categories in the plan.
Thursday, February 6
 Managing waste streams (recycling, composting, landfill, etc.) and establishing consistent metrics to track waste reduction goals over time.
 Chemical management will delve into the storage, use, and disposal of chemicals ranging from cleaning compounds to hazardous products used in operations with focusing on methods for reducing the use of harmful chemicals with green alternatives.
 Employee engagement methods will advise participants how they can build consensus and support for adoption of the sustainability plan at their respective institutions.
Friday, February 7
 Travel Day

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