Make Someday Happen

By Pete Magnuson | Posted on December 30, 2013

Someday I’ll take that vacation. Someday I’ll read that book. Someday I’ll start that business.

Raise your hand if you have ever started a sentence with “Someday, I’ll.” I know my hand is up—and that’s hard to do when you are typing.

As we get set to embark on a new year, I challenge you to make 2014 the year you make your someday happen. Let’s not call this a resolution; because studies show that a vast majority of resolutions fail, with most of those not making it through February. In fact, let’s call this a resolution revolution.
So, what’s your “someday?” 

Did you write it down? Great! That’s the first step. 

The second step, and this is extremely important, is to tell someone what your “someday” is. When others know what you are trying to accomplish, they can and will help you succeed. A friend of mine had a list of things he wanted to accomplish by the time he was 40. Obviously he had written them down and he was making some progress. But it wasn’t until he divulged that he had this list at a neighborhood gathering that things really got moving for him. Because his list was so varied, there was someone willing to help him with just about every one of them. I know I helped him accomplish three things just because I was interested in them as well.

The point I am trying to make is that in order to succeed, you’ll need some help. And in order to get that help, you have to share. For those of you who are members of NRPA, you have the perfect opportunity to share and get help. Whether your someday involves certification or improving a service you offer or creating a whole new event, you have 60,000 colleagues from around the country willing to help you succeed. You just need to tell them what you need.  And that can be done on NRPA Connect

So I ask again, what’s your “someday?”

For me, I usually set two somedays a year: one personal and one professional. For 2014, they are: someday I’ll run more than one long distance race in a year and someday I’ll read all of those books I have on my shelf.

Here’s looking forward to a great 2014.



Last year’s someday: winning a game of table tennis against my CEO. 

What is your “someday?” What strategies have helped you accomplish your goals? What are your tips for using NRPA Connect and LinkedIn?
Written by Pete Magnuson, Director of Marketing
Editors note: This post was updated on July 17, 2017 to reflect new membership numbers from 50,000 to 60,000.