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    What is a PRORAGIS Small Agency Profile?

    PRORAGIS Small Agency is offered as a slimmed down version of the Large Agency PRORAGIS profile. PRORAGIS Small Agency is intended to be completed by smaller park and recreation departments. Agencies that meet any of the following criteria should complete a Small Agency profile:

    1. Jurisdiction population is 35,000 or less.
    2. Staff includes 25 or fewer full-time employees.
    3. Department budget is $4.0 Million or less.

    Agencies that do not meet any of the above criteria should complete a Large Agency profile.

    How does PRORAGIS Small Agency differ from the Large Agency profile?

    PRORAGIS Small Agency will require significantly less time to complete than the Large Agency PRORAGIS profile. The same basic questions are asked in both the Small Agency and Large Agency profiles; however, the Small Agency version does not request the same level of detail. The questions included in the Small Agency Profile were specifically selected because they are considered applicable and important to the majority of park and recreation departments – no matter their size or organization. Certain departments may elect to complete PRORAGIS Small Agency because the more detailed questions in the Large Agency profile are not relevant to their operations.

    As is the case with Full PRORAGIS participants, it is expected that your department will submit GIS data in order for their Small Agency Profile to be considered complete.

    How will the information submitted in PRORAGIS Small Agency benefit our agency?

    After your department submits a PRORAGIS Small Agency profile, NRPA members will immediately receive a custom Small Agency report based on data submitted. Because PRORAGIS Small Agency requests only the most essential park and recreation information, the data allows us to create a comprehensive Small Agency report. The report is intended to provide an informative look at the functions, structures, and budgets of participating departments nationwide.

    What do I need to get started?

    Completing a Small Agency Profile does not require that departments provide as much detail or commit as much time as the Large Agency profile. However, the questions in both versions cover similar subjects and may require cooperation across multiple staff members. Departments will benefit from having the following materials on hand:

    • Jurisdiction and department budgets
    • Department’s organization chart and salary schedule
    • Annual program plan
    • Inventory of parks and facilities

    It is estimated that the actual time required to submit all of your Small Agency data may vary from 2 to 6 hours once the information has been collected and is available.

    What kind of data will I receive in the Small Agency report?

    The data submitted in your PRORAGIS Small Agency profile will be used to create a report that gives a full picture of park and recreation departments across the nation, including information about department governance, staffing, budgeting, programming, maintenance, and planning. The Small Agency report essentially offers a state-of-the-industry overview.**

    If you decide that you would like to dig further, you are encouraged to complete a Large Agency PRORAGIS profile. Data submitted in Small Agency will auto-populate to your Large Agency profile. Furthermore, submitting a Large Agency profile will give your department access to even more valuable reporting features, including operating ratios and benchmarks.


    *Note: Please save the fillable PDF to your computer desktop, then open from that location to begin your data input.

    **Note: To gain access to all PRORAGIS reporting features, non-members may join NRPA or purchase access in the NRPA store.

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