• PRORAGIS Reports

    Inputting your agency’s data into PRORAGIS™ is just the beginning. The true power of PRORAGIS lies in how agencies use this data to improve processes, increase efficiencies and support operations. NRPA has taken PRORAGIS data and created reports, tools and calculators to help you do these things and more.

    Using the power of PRORAGIS, NRPA publishes resources that explore and analyze trends at the national, county and jurisdiction levels. NRPA also publishes and links to valuable research papers that highlight the role parks and recreation play in relation to conservation, health and wellness, and social equity.

    NRPA’s 2015 Field Report

    NRPA’s 2015 Field ReportNRPA’s 2015 Field Report is the most comprehensive and largest collection of detailed data on municipal, county and state park systems in the U.S. This annual report provides an informative look at information from more than 500 agencies, and focuses on the significant trends currently affecting park and recreation departments. Although these trends are national in nature and may not reflect your specific region or department, they can help you evaluate your agency and its offerings.

    Counties Report

    PRORAGIS Counties ReportFrom the current PRORAGIS profiles, NRPA was able to compile an overview of county park and recreation systems across the country. This report focuses on profiles submitted by 84 counties and demonstrates datasets based on square mileage, operating budgets, capital income, jurisdiction population, jurisdiction population growth, jurisdiction demographics (such as age, ethnicity, household income, and much more. County park and recreation departments will find this information particularly interesting and helpful in their own planning.

    Special Districts Report

    PRORAGIS Special Park District ReportPRORAGIS has many values as a database designed for comparative analysis of park and recreation departments. For instance, it is interesting to identify differences between jurisdiction types. This report focuses on PRORAGIS profiles submitted by special districts. As more agencies complete PRORAGIS profiles, the database for unique jurisdiction groups will become more accurate and more useful to the members. Datasets available in this report relate to special district jurisdiction demographics, department programming and operations, personnel details, park acreage, trail mileage, and much more.


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