Urban parks serve as critical public places for recreation and civic engagement, essential to quality of life in urban centers. Parks help provide solutions to a myriad of national and community issues: providing healthy places to exercise, managing stormwater runoff and helping clean the air, catalyzing economic and community development, and providing safe, close to home recreation options. Join NRPA in the fight to ensure that every community has a great park.

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Americans Overwhelmingly Agree the Right to Assemble Peacefully in Public Spaces Is Important

Park Pulse 410

This month's Park Pulse poll takes a closer look at Americans' views on assembling peacefully in public spaces.

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What Drives Public Officials' Budget Priorities?

2017 October Research What Drives Public Officials Budget Priorities 410

Having a better understanding of what drives public officials’ budget priorities can help arm park and recreation professionals with the tools needed to get greater and more stable funding.

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Content-Based Park Permit Decisions Unconstitutional

2017 October Law Review Content Based Park Permit Decisions Unconstitutional 410

As illustrated by the “City of Charlottesville” and “Forsyth County” decisions described herein, demonstrations and counter-demonstrations can create challenging First Amendment concerns for public park and recreation agencies.

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Using History to Activate a Neighborhood Green Space

2017 October Future Leaders Using History to Activate Neighborhood Green Space 410

The Germantown neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia combines a diverse population with historic homes and easy access to lush green space.

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Parks for Inclusion Launches During Annual Conference

2017 October NRPAUpdate Parks for Inclusion

Parks for Inclusion launched last month during the annual conference in New Orleans with the goal of ensuring all people have access to the benefits of local parks and recreation.

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A Monumental Decision

2017 October Feature A Monumental Decision 410

There are approximately 1,500 Confederate monuments and statues on battlefields, town greens, in parks and in front of courthouses.

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