Helpful Information and FAQs

When are Session Proposals Due?

To be considered, session proposals must be received by November 18, 2016. This deadline will not be extended.

How are Sessions Selected for the Conference?

Due to space limitations, not all deserving proposals can be accommodated. Reviewers will prioritize proposals based on a balanced program as cited under Selection Criteria.

I Submitted My Session Proposal... Now What?

Your session proposal will go to the appropriate conference program committee for consideration. The committees are composed of professionals and educators and selected At Large representatives who are past chairs, local hosts or other beneficial areas of expertise. The committee will review all proposals, determining which to include in the program. NRPA will then notify the lead speakers of the decision regarding the proposal. If your proposal was accepted, the lead speaker will receive a confirmation letter via email confirming the date, time, and place of your scheduled session.

I Received a Confirmation Letter… What Should I Do Now?

Read the confirmation form carefully. Check the facts. Will you be able to be there on the date shown? Are your co-presenters still intending to be there? Be sure to confirm correct and up-to-date names and contact information for all co-speakers.

NRPA will be contacting speakers for any additional CEU qualification information, updates of schedule or procedural changes, and providing registration information.

After initial notification, NRPA will provide additional information to help guide you to a successful presentation.