Premiere Membership Package

Introducing the NRPA Premiere Membership Package

This all-inclusive membership package* provides agencies with maximum value and convenience to NRPA’s exceptional tools and resources. 

With the Premiere Package, your entire team can make the most of their NRPA membership through solutions such as professional development opportunities, research, advocacy, and networking.

Premiere Membership Chart


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Contact NRPA: 800.626.NRPA (6772) or

*Agency Definition

An agency is defined as one department within a jurisdiction (city, county, town, etc.) that provides park and/or recreation services. Jurisdictions that have multiple agencies that provide park and/or recreation services must join at the individual agency level and not at the jurisdictional level. For example, if your county has a Department of Parks and a separate Department of Recreation, each department (agency) would become individual premiere agencies and count the total number of employees separately by department to determine premiere level. This also applies to military units and tribal lands/reservations. In those cases, individual military installations or bases or individual tribal lands/reservations would join as individual premiere agencies.

Why choose Premiere?

Value, value, value.  When you choose the Premiere package, you pay one upfront cost for your entire agency to access a wide variety of educational programs.  Plus!  Only agencies that choose a package membership have access to savings and discounts provided by dozens of NRPA Member Business Solutions.

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