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Family Course Grantee Annoucement - Coming Soon!

PGA LogoNRPA and The PGA of America entered into a partnership with the intent to collectively impact and enhance municipal golf course operations across the country.The partnership will give park agency administrators access to a variety of resources, programs, and information developed and/or supported by The PGA, as well as training on how to implement these to stimulate business at their facilities. The programs include all those associated with Play Golf America, including the latest industry-wide initiative, Get Golf Ready, PGA PerformanceTrak and the PGA Employment Center  

In turn, the park agency leaders will become better aware of the role that PGA Professionals play and the value they bring to golf course operations. To communicate this, The PGA will take advantage of a multitude of NRPA communications resources in promoting the Association*s building blocks for success: Education, Employment Services, Player Development and Research.

A key element of the partnership is the NRPA/PGA Family Course Grant Program. The PGA gives up to 55 sets of PGA Family Course Tee Markers and support materials to municipalities and golf courses within the NRPA system. In return, park agency leaders must commit to hosting Get Golf Ready for their community, and use the PGA Family Course Program as a fun and enjoyable way to retain new golfers.

In addition, park agency leaders will also be required to report monthly rounds played and KPI data for PGA PerformanceTrak and use benchmarking reports as a business evaluation tool.

The PGA Family Course Program provides the following benefits:

  • Makes golf more enjoyable for players new to the game.
  • Establishes a beginner-friendly short course within any existing golf facility.
  • Provides a simple transition as each player's ability increases.
  • Enables players of varying abilities to shoot similar scores.
  • Encourages parents and kids to come to the course together.
  • Creates opportunity for new incremental revenues.
  • Promotes your facility as "PGA Family Course."
  • Helps grow the game both now and in the future.

PGA Professionals participating in this program will receive:

  • Tee plates: One PGA blue and one PGA gold tee plate for every hole, including the metal spike for installation.
  • Cart path plates: One PGA blue and one PGA gold cart path plate for every hole.
  • Program guidelines: Produced by U.S. Kids, this provides suggested guidelines on course set up, yardages, tee locations, installing cart path plates and more.
  • Templates: Access to templates for score cards, award certificates and more.

Each golf course will also be presented a certificate, suitable for display, recognizing them as an official "PGA Family Course".