Editorial contributor to Parks & Recreation Magazine

Type of Opportunity:


Sign-up Expiration Date:

Rolling submissions

Interest Area:


Contact Person:

Samantha Bartram,, 703.858.4730

Description of opportunity:

Parks & Recreation Magazine is always looking for new writers and editorial content, particularly from our membership, so we want to encourage members to get in touch if they are interested in contributing to the magazine. Whether you’d like to write an article or just share information for a staff-written article, we want to hear from you! Let us know about any interesting programs your agency is running, innovative strategies you’ve come up with to respond to problems, ways to improve your agency’s operations, trends you’re seeing at your agency and others, etc

Level of Workload:

Easy to Moderate (depends on the contributor)

Time Commitment:

However long it takes to write an email or an article

Travel Requirement:

No travel required

Experience Required:

We do not require member contributors to have publishing experience, but we do like contributors to have a solid knowledge of the topic they want to write about before they are assigned an article on that topic

Why you should consider applying:

By contributing information to or writing for Parks & Recreation Magazine, you can share useful information with your fellow park and recreation professionals to further improve the field. Also, depending on the article, it’s a good way to spread the word about the good work you do at your agency

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How to apply:

Email Executive Editor Samantha Bartram at

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Writers' Guidelines


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