NRPA, with the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), offered local park and recreation agencies across the country, Instructor Training Grants for Physical Activity Programs. The Evidence-based physical activity programs, Walk With Ease, Active Living Every Day and Fit & Strong! are beneficial for people with or without chronic conditions, and is especially popular among older adults of all abilities.

The Instructor Training Grants will be used to train staff as instructors in one or more of three programs:

  • Walk With Ease
  • Active Living Every Day
  • Fit & Strong!

These programs can attract new audiences to your agency, provide opportunities for community partnerships, and improve the health and wellness of the communities you serve. A total of 275 grants will be awarded.

All trainings grants are in-kind and cover the instructor trainings for the program(s) chosen, as well as participant materials. All trainings will be administered via an online platform. For more information about the programs, please review the Healthy Aging in Parks Program Assessment Tool

Value of Grants based on receipt of 2 instructor training grants and participant materials:

Walk With Ease- $700

Active Living Every Day- $2030

Fit & Strong!- $800

“At the end of the session many participants said they felt more confident in themselves, were getting better sleep at night, loved being held accountable, increased their walking distance, felt more motivated and started walking on their own at home. The best part for me was that the majority of the participants had never participated in any other program our department offered before so there were a lot of new faces. I am offering the class again at the end of this month. I feel that the program really did help those who attended and made them more aware of the benefits of walking. Some of the participants have even joined other fitness programs through Parks and Recreation in an effort to continue a healthy lifestyle.”

- Gabby Meredith, Community Programs Coordinator from the City of Auburn Parks and Recreation, AL, on the Walk With Ease Program

Stayed tuned for upcoming grant opportunties. Please watch the recorded webinar and view the presentation slides for information about these grants.

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