Since 2013, NRPA, with the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has been providing grants to local park and recreation (P&R) agencies to deliver the Walk with Ease (WWE), Active Living Every Day (ALED), and Fit & Strong! (F&S!) arthritis-appropriate evidence-based interventions (AAEBIs). These programs:

  • Help people in your community become and maintain physically active lifestyles
  • Provide a safe location for physical activity in your service area
  • Attract new audiences to your agency
  • Provide opportunities for funding and community partnerships
  • Increase the probably of reaching adults struggling to become physically active


Walk With Ease (WWE)

  • Low impact structured walking program
  • 6-week program (three 1-hr classes per week, participant booklets)
  • Walk With Ease Leader Training (online)
  • Walk With Ease "Class Zero"


Active Living Every Day (ALED)

  • Behavior-change program for sedentary adults 
  • 12-week program (one 1-hr class per week, participant booklets)
  • Active Living Every Day Facilitator Training (online)

Fit & Strong! (F&S!)

  • Combines physical activity with health education for sedentary adults with lower extremity osteoarthritis 
  • 8 or 12-week  program (two to three 1.5-hr classes per week, participant booklets and equipment)
  • Fit & Strong! Leader Training (online)

Parks and Recreation and Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults

Park and recreation agencies are seen as assets and important health and wellness  change agents in their communities. They provide optimal settings for individuals to engage in a wide range of physical activity programs. To date, 155 agencies representing 45 states and American Samoa have made committments to implement evidence-based physical activity programs. 

Congratulations to the 91 P&R agencies that received grants to implement WWE, ALED and F&S!. 

NRPA Arthritis Impact Map


Active Older Adults Monthly Photo Contest 

Congratulations to the May Photo of the Month Winner- Southgate Recreation and Park District. Check out May's winner and runner-ups. 

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Submit your photos and you too could be a winner now through October. Former and current WWE, ALED and F&S! grantees are eligible to enter the Active Older Adults Photo of the Month contest. 

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In the Media

The CDC recognizes park and recreation agencies in the Vital Signs: Arthritis in America report as having an important role in increasing the availability of evidence-based physical activity programs in communities across the country. Check out NRPA's blog, Arthritis in America: The Role of Parks and Recreation, and the CDC's Acting Director, Ann Schuchat, Op-ed titled A Painful Truth.



Park and Recreation agencies across the country have been reporting tremendous success. NRPA has developed the WWE ingredients for Success and the Active Living Every Day: Best Practices Guide that highlight lessons learned and best practices from past grantees to encourage replication of the programs in other local park and recreation agencies.

Arthritis at a glance - facts about arthritis and what can be done to help affected individuals. 

Walk With Ease Class Zero Video- to aid in the recruitment of participants and community partners. 

For more information and questions please contact Lesha Spencer-Brown.

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