Great people make great parks and great parks make great communities.

Public parks are part of the American fabric. From our country’s iconic, well-known parks to the neighborhood park down the street, more than 200 million Americans experience our public parks each year.  And perhaps no parks are as important as those in our communities—the place where we live and recreate. They are our urban, neighborhood and community parks and are the places we visit and share time with our family and friends. These parks are a force of stability that are easily taken for granted, but which are places we know we could not live without.

The National Recreation and Park Association is the backbone of our national system of community parks.

The National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) is the only national organization focused on creating and delivering innovative programming to the people who are on the ground in our public parks. Our members are mentors and counselors, teachers and friends to those who visit their parks. They know the needs of our communities so well because they live there.

Today’s challenges will not be solved by ideas alone.  They will be solved by those who take action.  The time to act isn’t soon. It’s now.

Public parks are the solution. Open to all, they are the places and spaces where children can play, where families and communities grow stronger. NRPA is a national resource for the best practices in wellness and conservation programming, doing so in ways that bridge cultural, racial and socioeconomic divides that often plague our communities.

Invest in our vision for a healthy tomorrow.

While our connection to public parks runs deep, public funding no longer does. In too many cases, the issue being taken up by our elected officials is not how to make public parks great. It is how to keep them open in the face of great budget challenges. We need to set our sights higher.  Just having a park is not enough. A great park hums with exciting programming and draws people in with facilities that respond to the unique needs of its community. Our vision for the future of NRPA centers around three key themes that will be advanced with your support:

- Health and wellness: Create healthier lives through parks and recreation.

- Conservation: Create sustainable communities and ensure the next generation of stewards of parks and natural resources.

- Social equity: Ensure all people have access to the benefits of local parks and recreation.

Our ideas are bold, and they are necessary. Your investment in NRPA today will immediately impact the lives of children across the nation. Your gift is an expression of hope in our future, and a commitment to the people whose passion for connecting people with the outdoors is the foundation of our great national system of public parks.

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