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Health, Conservation and Social Equity

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Allison Colman

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Submit your Success Story to be featured on NRPA's Success Story Database. Stories from all topic areas within community parks and recreation will be included. NRPA is always in search of stories within the three pillars: Health & Wellness, Conservation and Social Equity. NRPA is particularly interested in receiving stories which describe innovative practices and programs that have been implemented at your park and recreation site.  All stories will be reviewed and approved before entry into the database. Submit your story today.

The guidelines for drafting a story include:

  • Headline
    • Short, attention grabbing headline
    • 5 to 10 words 
  • Tags
    • Topic
    • City/County
    • State
    • Date of Story (Ex: March 2014)
    • Author
  • Images
    • Include a compelling image that aligns with the case study story 
    • Image sized for web
  • Content 
    • 500 to 800 words (1,000 if needed) / ideally one page
    • Structure case studies to tell a real or illustrative story about the impact and results of the program.
      • Include stories about real people involved in the program 
      • Opening paragraph should grab the attention of the reader; Follow the inverted pyramid
        • Most newsworthy first (who, what, when, where, why, how)
        • Relevant details
        • Background/general information (about program, agency, etc.
  • Quotes
    • If possible include testimonial quotes from those involved in the project – ideally person impacted or influencer involved in the program 

Time Commitment:
Less than 1 day

Travel Requirement:
No travel requirement

Experience Required
Writing; Subject matter expertise

Project/Task Deadline:
Rolling submissions

Number of Positions Needed:

How to apply:
Please email your completed success story or questions to Allison Colman, at


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