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PRORAGIS, short for Park and Recreation Operating Ratio and Geographic Information System, is NRPA’s new, cutting-edge, online management tool, designed specifically for public park and recreation agencies in the U.S.--and free to all members of NRPA!

NRPA Will Take Your Agency Higher!
Brand New GIS Tool Launched This Week

In this next phase of PRORAGIS, your agency can get a birds-eye look at your park and recreation assets. The new GIS map tool allows you to create, view and search through a user-friendly, web-based interface.

Use the PRORAGIS custom GIS application to manage your parks, facilities and trails on a map. Other valuable features include: 

  • Create points, lines and polygons representing your parks, facilities and trails.
  • Upload your park, facility and trail data from an Excel spreadsheet and you can then search for features and associate each record with a point, line or polygon using GIS application tools.
  • Upload your GIS data in the NRPA schema as a zipped file geodatabase (available soon).
  • View your assets on a map and print that map!

Login to PRORAGIS today and begin making more informed decisions right away. 

An Agency Performance Report is a customized look at your agency in comparison to all agencies that responded to the survey and a subset of agencies that serve a similar population size. See a sample report. 

PRORAGIS Login Button 

If you have any questions, contact Greg Manns, PRORAGIS project manager, at 614.389.2100 (x108).