NFL PLAY 60 After-School Kickoff

NFL Play 60

Through a partnership between the NFL, NFL Network and NRPA, local park and recreation sites in 12 designated NFL markets can help fight childhood obesity and support health and physical activity in after-school programs through the NFL PLAY 60 After-School Kickoff grant. This grant provides the opportunity to receive funding support and equipment to complement after-school physical activities and health and wellness education programs.

Grant funding, valued at $7,500, can provide new equipment, curriculum, refurbished play spaces, additional staff to run physical activity-based programming, or support the start or growth of an NFL PLAY 60 program. Grantees will participate in an NFL PLAY 60 event and one PSA promoting the initiative, which will air on NFL Network’s local cable affiliates.

NFL PLAY 60 After-School Kickoff grant requirements:

  • Eligible local park and recreation sites must be located in the surrounding metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Phoenix, Buffalo, Kansas City, Chicago, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Diego, Seattle or Tampa Bay
  • Qualifying grantees must be located within 30 miles of the NFL team training facility and/or NFL team stadium
  • Selected local park and recreation sites are required to participate in NFL research initiatives associated with the program (e.g., surveys and questionnaires) and submit a brief impact report at the conclusion of the program regarding the events, grant support and/or equipment donations

NFL Play 60 After-School Kickoff PhotoIn addition to the NFL PLAY 60 grant funding, grantees may also choose to receive NFL FLAG official flag football kits to implement flag football as part of their after-school programs. These NFL FLAG kits include flag football belts, footballs, curriculum to teach the program, and NFL-branded marketing materials.Qualifying grantees for the flag football kits must be within 50 miles of city center or NFL team stadium.

NFL FLAG Football Start-Up Kits Grant Requirements:

  • All selected local park and recreation sites that receive a flag football kit will be required to implement the NFL FLAG curriculum and report program findings back to the NFL via GAMS. Each kit includes 50 flag belts, 10 footballs, flag football curriculum and NFL-branded collateral material. In addition, each such site will be encouraged (not required) to run competitive flag football leagues in spring 2015 using the donated equipment.

Please click on the link below to register and login and then click "Apply for a Grant". You will need to edit your profile and select the NFL PLAY 60 After-School Kickoff application.

NFL PLAY 60 After-School Kickoff Grant Application - application deadline is November 14, 2014

For more information or questions, please contact Shannon Smith.