CPRE Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Overview - The CPRE certification can be achieved by individuals employed in the recreation, park resources and leisure services profession who meet high standards of performance at a mastery level (middle to upper management). Individuals wishing to be recognized as a CPRE must meet minimum qualifications and successfully complete the national examination.

The core competencies and job tasks (along with the exam content outline) designated for the CPRP and CPRE certification are based on the job task analysis survey to field professionals. The results represent the knowledge level expected by professionals at the CPRP and CPRE level in the field. For more information on the core competencies please visit for the CPRP program or for the CPRE program.

Why was CPRE created and who made the decision to create the CPRE?

  • In 2010-2011, the National Certification Board and the National Recreation and Park Association completed an analysis of the CPRP program and job tasks which are considered to be part of a CPRPs responsibility. As part of the analysis a survey was distributed to members of the field for their input on professionals job tasks related to different levels of management in the field. The results of the survey were reviewed by three professional volunteer groups including the Job Task Analysis Committee, CPRP Certification Committee and the National Certification Board. The committees and the board all agreed that an additional certification level was warranted by the responses from the professionals in the field of parks and recreation.

Do I have to take the CPRE examination if I have already taken the CPRP examination?

  • No, you do not have to take the CPRE examination unless you decide you would like to achieve the CPRE certification.

Can I maintain both CPRP and CPRE certification at the same time?

  • No, individuals may only hold one Certified Park and Recreation certification at a time.

What are the qualifications to sit for the CPRE certification?

  • have a Bachelors degree and 5 years of professional full-time manager experience (please see the CPRE Core Competencies and Job Tasks) or
  • have a Masters degree or higher and 4 years of professional full-time manager experience (please see the CPRE Core Competencies and Job Tasks) and
  • have a current CPRP certification and
  • successfully complete the CPRE examination

If I have submitted my university transcript for my CPRP certification application do I need to submit it for the CPRE?

      • Yes, proof of education must be submitted at the time of application. The submission of new transcripts will allow for the creation of up-to-date CPRE certification files. This will also ensure certification process changes which have occurred in the last few years will not affect the new certification.

What is CPRE examination?

  • The CPRE examination has been designed similar to the CPRP certification examination
  • 150 questions (25 un-scored pre-test questions)
  • Individuals have 3 hours to complete the examination

When can I take the CPRE examination?

  • CPRE Examinations are offered at approximately 200  sites nationwide through our professional testing company, Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP).  Once you have applied, you can contact the testing site with your schedule to determine availability.

How do I apply for the CPRE examination?

  • Individuals wishing to apply for the CPRE examination may begin registering online at

How much does it cost to apply for the CPRE certification examination?

  • The application fees (application and examination combined) are $340/NRPA member and $399/non-NRPA member 

Why are the CPRE application fees more expensive than the CPRP application fees?

  • The CPRE certification program has a 3-year certification cycle which will allow individuals to not renew their certification until 3 years after their initial examination.
  • The CPRE program will undergo the same intense exam development process as the CPRP certification 

What are the preparatory materials for the CPRE examination?

  • Reference materials include: Management of Park & Recreation Agencies; Risk Management for Park: Sternloff and Warren: Recreation and Leisure Services: Peterson; and Legal Liability and Risk Management: Goodman & McGregor (a detailed list of reference materials will be provided in the CPRE Candidate Handbook).

What is the renewal process for the CPRE certification?

  • CPRE's must recertify every three years by earning 3.0 CEUs. CPRE’s may apply up to 1.5 Professional Service Experience credits toward the 3.0 CEU requirement

Where do I find the CPRE Policy and Procedure Manual?

  • Individuals wishing to review the CPRE Policy and Procedure Manual can access the document by clicking here.