The Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) examination is 50 questions and covers four core competencies (Water Chemistry & Disinfection, Mechanical Systems & Operations, Health, Safety, and Daily Operations.  

AFO Exam Content Outline

Professionals must achieve a score of 78% or higher to successfully pass the examination.

To access further information on exam development, a detailed content outline and a few practices questions, please review the candidate handbook. 

AFO Exams are administered on the second day of each AFO Course. Candidates are encouraged to attend the two day instructor led course for initial certification and renewal. 

Candidate Handbook  

Candidates can also locate an approved proctor to administer their AFO Exam. In order to become an approved proctor of the AFO Exam, the test administrator must currently be in one of the following professions. 

  • Public Librarian (offering supervised proctoring services)
  • University Professor/ or Librarian
  • Professional Testing Center Staff
  • Professional Development Center Staff
  • Military Base Professional Development Center Staff
  • NRPA or State Affiliate Staff
  • AFO Instructors 

Supervisors, Co-Workers, Relatives or individuals not associated with a professional development career cannot proctor the AFO Exam without direct approval from NRPA certification staff.

Off-Site Exam Application

Exam results are provided by AFO Instructors on site. Candidates, who test off-site, using a proctor, will receive their results 4-6 weeks after their test dates. 

If you do not successfully pass the examination you must wait a minimum of 24 hours prior to retesting. Re-tests can be administered by AFO Instructors or an off site proctor. 

AFO Course Schedule


For questions or further information on certification, please email us at

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