Show Me the Money

By Robert C. Johnson|Posted on March 15, 2012

When the current Board started our terms in Atlanta we said we should focus on three main areas of focus:

  • Economic Models
  • Conservation
  • Grass Roots Advocacy


The “Economic Models” is a tough one.  We agree; with the sense that we need to move away from general funds money.  And it seems that many members have slightly different models and success stories.  We want to capitalize on this opportunity to accumulate these successes and share them with others who are looking for answers to their own challenges.


We will in essence set up a virtual library, a place to house these best practices and models.  NRPA and our members will become a fantastic resource.


Check out examples from Houston, Los Angeles and Charleston in Parks and Recreation magazine, Fiscal Blues – Park and recreation agencies begin the difficult process of redefining how they serve the public.


Next Steps:


Please take a few minutes to send examples of what you are doing to gain support and funding outside of general funds to These could be partnerships, foundations, creative grants, etc. any models that you have been successful in acquiring. It could also be legislation that you have helped create to benefit parks and recreation.


From my conversations and limited travels, NRPA members are a very creative and resourceful bunch. Send us your stories.


Written by:  Robert C. Johnson, NRPA Board Chair