Using Art to Connect Kids to Nature

Richard J. Dolesh | April 18, 2016
The Get to Know program, an art contest that encourages kids to connect with nature, was founded in part with the support of internationally famous wildlife artist, Robert Bateman. Read more

Your Award-Winning Magazine (and More)

NRPA MarComMag Team | March 11, 2016

NRPA recently won six awards, including the coveted Publisher's Choice Award for best overall entry, in the  Association TRENDS 2015 All-Media Contest.  

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Ready, Set, Go Gold!

Brenda Beales | January 27, 2016

Awards season is here and it’s time to get busy on that Gold Medal Award application!


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Jim Peterson: NRPA's First Program Chair

Sonia Myrick | August 14, 2015
NRPA interviewed Jim Peterson, NRPA's first program chair. Read more

Robert Toalson: NRPA's 24th President

Sonia Myrick | August 13, 2015
NRPA interviewed Robert Toalson, NRPA's 24th president. Read more

Tony Mobley: The Youngest NRPA President

Sonia Myrick | August 12, 2015
NRPA interviewed Tony Mobley, the youngest NRPA president. Read more

R. Dean Tice: NRPA's Most-Traveled Executive Director

Sonia Myrick | August 11, 2015
NRPA interviewed R. Dean Tice, NRPA's most-traveled executive director. Read more

10 Great Uses of Twitter for Parks and Recreation

Linda Oakleaf, Ph.D. | December 12, 2014
Linda Oakleaf, Ph.D., provides the “why” and “how” for using Twitter to help your park and recreation agency achieve more visibility and build relationships. Read more

Natural Play: New Guidelines Mean New Opportunity for Parks and Recreation

Richard J. Dolesh | September 11, 2014
The long-awaited national guidelines on the design, development and management of nature play areas written by Robin Moore, noted professor of landscape architecture and head of the Natural Learning Initiative (NLI) of North Carolina State University, have been released this week. These guidelines will be invaluable to the park and recreation profession. Read more

Who Owns the Forests? Mountain Bike Trail Riders and Park Pros Weigh In

Danielle Taylor | June 19, 2014
When I began my research for the feature article on collaboratively built mountain biking trails for the June issue of Parks & Recreation Magazine, I started out by watching “Pedal-Driven,” a 2011 documentary that looks at both sides of the debate surrounding illegal mountain bike trail building in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests near Leavenworth, Washington. There, the U.S. Forest Service manages more than 4 million acres along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range, and in recent years, the land has been inundated with problems due to illegal trail building by mountain bikers in the area. Read more

Zombie Survival: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Ann Cejka | May 20, 2014
The fort is impressive. A sturdy riverbank willow, felled a good six foot above the ground by heavy flooding, forms the natural backbone of the debris shelter. The ZRF (Zombie Resistance Force) troops, some raw recruits and other battle hardened veterans of past years’ skirmishes with the undead, have spent most of their morning framing out their survival shelter with whatever deadfall limbs they could gather from the remote riverbank –preferably willow, if they can find it. Willow is, after all, the “tree of life” and therefore anathema to the undead monsters that cannot bear its regenerative life-giving properties. Read more

Springtime Changes

Samantha Bartram | May 6, 2014
Each month, as you crack the spine of a fresh Parks & Recreation Magazine, we hope the experience is both exciting and familiar. Exciting in that you’re delving into a cache of brand-new stories and updates from around our industry, and familiar in the way those items are presented, section by section. Read more

Eliminating Play Deserts

Anne-Marie Spencer | April 24, 2014
In the April 2013 issue of Parks & Recreation Magazine, Associate Editor Samantha Bartram wrote about play deserts and their effects on community and national health and wellness. Here, Anne-Marie Spencer, vice president of marketing and communications for PlayCore, shares additional resources in the works to help eliminate these obstacles to play and invites your feedback on combating play deserts in your community. Read more

Color, But No Diversity

Samantha Bartram | February 4, 2014

As we put our February issue to bed, those of us at Parks & Recreation Magazine found ourselves somewhat conflicted as we pondered our very colorful cover, meant to illustrate the excitement of adult sports trends. Our observant graphic designer Matt Brubaker pointed out, “even with all that color there is a lack of diversity. How ironic…” Indeed. 

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Taboo Topic: Homeless in the Park

Danielle Taylor | January 22, 2014

The January cover story about homelessness in parks, “Out of the Shadows,” is one I’ve wanted to write for a long time. At both the 2012 and 2013 NRPA Annual Conference, I attended education sessions on homelessness presented by Sara Lamnin, and in each, I hoped to gather some stories from other attendees of successful programs that park agencies have implemented to work with the homeless people living in their parks. 

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