July 29, 2011

Each month, I work alongside NRPA’s PRORAGIS team to let our readers know the latest on this high tech mapping and benchmarking database application. It’s one of the benefits NRPA offers its members, and each month there are new features

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Support Your Local Rock Star

July 22, 2011

Outside of my office in the NRPA library is a modern, loosely painted portrait of NRPA’s first president, Laurence Rockefeller. Across the hall is another portrait of Laurence Rockefeller, this time in a more traditional style. Watching the Rockefeller twins

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Five Things I Now Know about Obesity in America

July 19, 2011

Not long ago my colleague Phil Hayward and I tackled a series of case studies for an editorial supplement on how parks are helping in the fight against obesity. We interviewed park leaders in two cities in Florida, an M.D.

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Planting Seeds of Appreciation

July 12, 2011

As any parent knows, the shortest distance between two points isn’t always a straight line. The more important the point to be made, the more this axiom applies.

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