Telling the Story of Selena Butler Park, Part 2

Maureen Hannan | May 24, 2011

Almost everyone I’d interviewed for the Selena Butler Park story had mentioned her. She was clearly famous in that little corner of Atlanta. And every reference to Helene Mills was quickly followed up by a smile, a nod, and an

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Warning: This Video May Make You Cry

Elizabeth Beard | May 20, 2011

Despite the fact that they really were work related, I still felt a twinge of guilt about all of the online videos I watched while working on the May issue. Perhaps it’s a generational thing or maybe it’s just my

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A Wide Open Playing Field

Elizabeth Beard | May 20, 2011

It starts like a joke in possibly poor taste “So a rabbi and a blonde are playing basketball, and the rabbi says…”   I met Rabbi Brenner on a beautiful spring day at one of the newest and largest parks

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Parks for the Young at Heart

Phil Hayward | May 17, 2011

Study after study shows how parks keep the young fit and healthy and older generations fit, healthier, and younger than their non-indulging counterparts.

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Build it and They Will Come

Phil Hayward | May 10, 2011

The Parks Build Community initiative is based on the principle that good parks create a level playing field for all community members.

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Telling the Story of Selena Butler Park

Maureen Hannan | May 6, 2011

NRPA’s Parks Build Community project is an urban revitalization partnership involving municipal government departments, federal funds, commercial vendors, civic groups, elected officials, and a national nonprofit association. 

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May 5, 2011

On Monday, September 19, 2011, President of the United States (POTUS) Barack Obama unveiled his proposal on how to pay for the American Jobs Act (AJA, no bill number yet) as part of his overall plan for deficient reduction. The “Plan

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A Place at the Table

Phil Hayward | May 3, 2011

The days of Frederick Law Olmsted and Robert Moses have long since passed and in their places teams of planners in the fields of transportation, the environment, architecture, health, education and parks are making great strides in developing livable communities.

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