What Parks and Recreation Can Do About Equity

Kevin O'Hara | August 22, 2016
Two weeks ago, urban park leaders from around the country gathered in Portland to discuss a topic that is front and center in our public life: racial equity. Why Portland, a predominantly white city, you ask? Because their city and parks department, like an increasing number of cities and parks departments, has recognized that addressing racial disparities in any number of outcomes is the single largest equity challenge facing their increasingly diverse city. Read more

Support Each Other Through Trial

Barbara Tulipane, CAE | August 19, 2016

Park and recreation departments are often at the heart of natural disasters. Recreation centers serve as shelters, parks serve as gathering places, and — most importantly — park and recreation employees and volunteers serve as aid workers, support staff and community leaders.

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Pokémon Go a Hit in College Station, TX

Gerry Logan, CPRE | August 10, 2016
Pokémon Go has been sweeping the nation as both today’s younger generation and millennials who grew up playing the original versions are congregating by the thousands to “Catch ‘Em All.” Here's how we spent almost nothing and had one of our most successful events of the year. Read more

From Inspiration to Action

Kevin Roth | August 5, 2016
August is a big month for the world of sports. Baseball season is heating up as teams position themselves for the playoffs. Football teams — spanning from high schools and colleges to the professional ranks — are now training as they ready themselves for the fall. And of course, we are in the midst of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where more than 11,000 athletes from 206 nations will be competing in 28 different sports. Read more

How to Rally the Troops

Marla Collum | August 5, 2016

After witnessing great success over the past three years, NRPA took the opportunity to reflect on the Troops for Fitness program to create a “how-to” guide that brings together a variety of feedback and approaches on topics such as how to recruit veterans and what classes have proven to be most popular and why. Interested in engaging with veterans as instructors in your own community? Take a look at what we have learned from park and recreation agencies that have successfully rallied the troops!

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Outlook Unclear for Policy Priorities as Congress Adjourns Until September

David Tyahla | August 2, 2016
We’re in the heart of another hot and humid summer in Washington, DC. These conditions are sure to produce one thing — Congress leaving for its summer break. Read more

Harnessing the Pokémon Go Phenomenon

Linda Oakleaf | July 27, 2016
Pokémon Go. It’s been top of mind for park and recreation professionals since its launch recently. In case you’ve missed the finer details, here’s the gist. Read more

Zika Update #2: Protection for Outdoor Workers

Richard J. Dolesh | July 22, 2016
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently posted zika toolkits — information on how to prevent the Zika virus from being transmitted in outdoor settings. Read more

Turning to Data to Power Parks and Rec

Kevin Roth | July 19, 2016
Park and recreation professionals face difficult decisions on how to best serve their constituents tight fiscal restraints – all while delivering valuable services that meet the needs of all community members. Read more

A Fresh Look for NRPA

Matt Brubaker | July 18, 2016
Here's the blog announcement that you've been holding your breath for. The National Recreation and Park Association has official updated their logo! Read more

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