Zika Update #2: Protection for Outdoor Workers

Richard J. Dolesh | July 22, 2016
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently posted a series of zika toolkits — online resources and information on how to prevent the Zika virus from being transmitted in outdoor settings. These toolkits contain lots of relevant information for park and recreation agencies as well as guidance for supervisors and outdoor workers. Read more

How to Celebrate Park and Recreation Month at Your Agency

Cathy Guerra | June 9, 2016
We often get asked, “How can I participate in Park and Recreation Month?” While we have loads of suggestions, the best advice comes from other agencies that have done it year after year. The Deering Estate has been an active Park and Recreation Month participant for the last few years and they’ve put together this great guest blog post with tips on how to celebrate! Read more

How to Help Children Receive Free Summer Meals

Kellie May | June 8, 2016

Last year with support from the Walmart Foundation, NRPA helped local park and recreation agencies in 80 cities serve over 20 million meals to children during the summer and before/after school in low-income communities. While we celebrate this accomplishment, we know more work needs to be done to close the hunger gap.


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#GirlsAre Inspiring

Daniel W. Hatcher and NRPA Editor | May 26, 2016

This month, the National Recreation and Park Association has joined the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (AHG) and the Clinton Foundation for the #GirlsAre Campaign. The goal: to raise awareness around the lack of physical activity among women and girls. This campaign is also being used to empower girls to celebrate their athleticism, in coordination with National Physical Fitness and Sports month.

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Congress Gets the Ball Rolling on Zika Funding

Oliver Spurgeon | May 20, 2016

After months of Congressional hearings, hours of expert testimony by some of the brightest minds in public health, and repeated warnings from advocates, including NRPA, about the dangers of waiting to mount a full-throated response to the Zika virus, Congress has taken the first step to paying for a comprehensive effort to ZIka’s spread.


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Key Findings from Survey on Zika and Summer Outdoor Plans

Kevin Roth | May 20, 2016

The Zika virus has been in the headlines over the past few months and it appears that one in four Americans are or will be changing their outdoor plans this summer as a result. This is the key finding from a poll conducted on behalf of the National Recreation and Park Association in mid-May.


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Join the Fight Against Arthritis

Oliver Spurgeon | May 6, 2016

In an effort to improve the lives of the 53 million people suffering from Arthritis, NRPA is working with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Arthritis Foundation, the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and public health advocates across the country to spread the word that May is National Arthritis Awareness Month.


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7 Tips for Preventing Child Abuse at Summer Camps

Editor | April 28, 2016

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and with planning for summer camps in full swing, now is a good time to think about how your camps can help spot and prevent child abuse.


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5 Reasons to Hike with Your Kids

Jessica Culverhouse | March 30, 2016
For my family, any season is a good time for a hike. But there is something extra special about hiking in the springtime, spotting ephemeral wildflowers like Virginia bluebells and inventing dialogue between songbirds as they call to one another. Make a pledge to take your child out to hike in a park on May 21 for National Park Trust’s Kids to Parks Day. Read more

Infographic: 2 Years of Fostering Healthy Kids

Kellie May | February 18, 2016
February marks the two year anniversary of NRPA’s Commit to Health campaign. From the exciting launch event in 2014 with First Lady Michelle Obama in Miami, to where we are today, let’s take a moment to look back and celebrate our successes over the past 2 years! Read more

Make 2016 the Summer of Opportunity!

Allison Colman | February 3, 2016
NRPA recently attended a meeting at United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) headquarters to explore innovative ideas, problem solve and strategize about summer meals in 2016. The meeting brought together partners from multiple sectors in the fight against childhood hunger, each united by a common goal — let’s work to make 2016 the summer of opportunity for youth across the country! Many emerging trends and creative ideas were discussed at the meeting, but we’ve pulled out the best strategies applicable to parks and recreation. Read more

10 Ways to Get Fit in Your Local Parks and Rec in 2016

Allison Colman | January 22, 2016

We’re three weeks into the new year, and we hope you haven’t dropped your resolutions just yet. As the ball dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, resolutions were made to spend more time with families, read a new book each month, travel and explore, try new recipes, be more adventurous, or save more money. But the resolution made most—by 69 percent of people in 2015—was to get fit and healthy, lose weight, and keep the weight off.

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5 Key Takeaways from Park Support Study

Kevin Roth | January 19, 2016
NRPA's latest research report is out and the findings are an important tool for our profession to use when telling the story about the power of local public parks. The theme of this research is clear in the title: “Americans’ Broad-Based Support for Local Recreation and Park Services.” The message is unambiguous yet compelling: Americans are passionate about their local parks. Read more

The Heartwarming Truth Behind Those Big Numbers

Roxanne Sutton | December 22, 2015
Every year in our annual report, we highlight the accomplishments made by NRPA members through our partnerships and programs. These numbers are impressive and are a great way to show the collective impact parks and recreation makes across the country. Numbers can be cold, however. Luckily, we don’t just collect numbers, we collect stories too. Read more

A Win for LWCF and more in the Congressional Spending Package

NRPA Public Policy Team | December 18, 2015
We’ve pulled the highlights that impact parks and recreation out of the 2,000 page spending package. By any standard, this year’s final federal spending package must be viewed as a success. It’s a win for NRPA and our supporters. We thank you and congratulate you on your committed advocacy efforts which resulted in strong investments at conserving our parks and natural resources, improving the health and well-being of future generations, and strengthening the fabric of our communities. Read more


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