Staying a Top Workplace

Martin Dease | June 22, 2015
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! This week NRPA was named to The Washington Post Top Workplaces 2015. Being awarded the title of Top Workplace means even more to us because it is based solely on employee surveys. The list is determined by results from confidential surveys asking staff members 22 questions related to pay, benefits, work/life balance, how they view their role and satisfaction with the organization. Read more

NC2NV: Texas State University

Editor | June 9, 2015
We’ve made stops at Ole Miss and the University of Missouri but today we’ll be in the great state of Texas learning about Texas State University’s Bachelor of Science in Recreational Administration and Master of Science in Recreation and Leisure Services programs! Read more

Why 50,000 is a Great Number for Parks and Recreation

Lauren Hoffmann | June 3, 2015
NRPA President and CEO Barbara Tulipane, CAE, made the announcement to members on May 28, and she outlined three ways the growth in membership is significant for park and recreation professionals, citizen advocates, industry suppliers and more. Read more

How to Prepare Now for Your Career Five Years from Now

Troy Houtman, CPRE | May 21, 2015
I look back at my career and where I started 24 years ago in Greeley, Colorado. I would often tell my colleagues and co-workers, “If I was the boss, I would do it differently,” or “When I’m in charge, I will change things.” Fast forward 24 years and now I have to live up to my words. As the Director of Parks and Recreation with the City of Wichita, Kansas, I am often asked how and what I did to get where I am. For certain, there has to be a strong desire to lead, learn and serve. To fuel my desire to learn about being a director, I attended the NRPA Directors School five years ago. Read more

Finding Your Next Park & Rec Employee is Easy

Morgan Wynn | May 18, 2015
You’re busy. You have programs to run, paperwork to fill out, a budget to keep track of, staff to assist, oh and you need to fill that empty desk in the corner of the office. Hiring someone can take a lot of time, energy and resources but it doesn’t have to if you have one simple tool. Read more

NC2NV: University of Missouri

Mr. Jason Young | May 15, 2015
Our first stop was with Ole Miss where we learned about their Recreation Administration program, but today we’re stretching our legs on the campus of the University of Missouri, let’s see what their program is up to! Read more

This Young Professional Gets Real about the NRPA Annual Conference

Editor | April 28, 2015
We’ll admit it – being a first-time attendee and a young professional at the NRPA Annual Conference could be a scary thing. You walk through the conference doors to a sea of thousands of park and recreation professionals. At that moment you have a choice – you can either approach it apprehensively or dive right in and make the most of your experience while you are there. For Kendrick Mayes, a first-time attendee AND young professional at the 2014 NRPA Congress in Charlotte, North Carolina he chose the latter and the results…well, we’ll let him tell you directly in this video interview with fellow member of the Young Professional Network, Jay Tryon, CPRP. Read more

You’ve Got NRPA Membership Now What?

Editor | April 19, 2015

If you are a young professional or student in the field of parks and recreation, starting out in your career and getting involved in your national association may feel really daunting. You made a great first step with membership in the National Recreation and Park Association but where do you start? What opportunities are available? How do you set yourself up for success?

Lucky for you, the NRPA Young Professional Network (YPN) members have been in your shoes and put together a really helpful video that covers off on many of those questions and more to help you get your membership and career started on the right foot. 

Read more

5 Tips for Recruiting Your Next Park and Recreation Employee

Martin Dease | April 16, 2015

Finding the right person to fit in with the culture at your organization is critical. You can train most people for the skill set you are looking for, but to help with turnover, fit  is an important contemplation, specifically when looking at the bottom line. The cost to rehire and train someone can be thousands of dollars when you consider the time it takes to screen resumes, advertise the position, conduct interviews and provide training.


It is likely that your park and recreation department may be in the midst of hiring for seasonal employees and even interns. 


Use these 5 tips to attract the right people and make a more efficient use of your time. 

Read more

NC2NV: Hitting the Road

Editor | April 9, 2015
Pack your bags. We have a big journey ahead of us. We are taking a road trip from Charlotte, North Carolina all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada. How you say? 
Read more

My Story: What Being an NRPA Scholar Did for Me

Rebecca Lackey | April 7, 2015
NRPA Student Member Rebecca Lackey shares her experience after receiving an NRPA Student Scholarship in 2014. Hint: Things are looking good for the future! Read more

March Madness and 8 Ways PRT Students Can Bring Glory to Their School

Kevin O'Hara | March 27, 2015

Bracket busted? Did your men's or women's team lose in the first round of the tournament? Were you (gasp) relegated to the NIT? Did your team (shudder) fail to make it to the NCAA hoops tournament at all?


These are the things on the minds of students and fans across the country. For those of us, and that's most of us, who don't have a team in this weekend's upcoming men's and women's Elite Eight action, we at NRPA offer you a chance at redemption.

Read more

Four Tips for a Stellar National Awards Submission

Brenda Beales;Roxanne Sutton | February 9, 2015
Chances are your park and recreation agency or a professional you know is already doing something award-worthy, but translating that on to paper can seem daunting. Luckily, NRPA’s Awards and Accreditation Manager Brenda Beales put together the top four tips for a stellar National Awards submission. Read more

His Best Decision: Becoming a Certified Park and Recreation Professional

Kenya V. Bryant, CPRP | December 16, 2014
It’s funny how life works. Growing up, my aim in life was to become a great ad man. When I was thirteen years old I saw the movie “Boomerang,” in which Eddie Murphy starred as an advertising executive who had a very exciting life and I wanted to be that guy. For the next seven years I was doing everything that I had dreamed of, but throughout I always had the feeling that I needed to do more and I found that with the Richland County Recreation Commission (RCRC). Here's my story of how attaining Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) helped me and my agency unwrap potential. Read more

Confession of a Maintenance Management School Graduate

Richard V. Alder, CPRP | December 3, 2014
For Richard Alder, CPRP, from Five Rivers MetroParks in Dayton, Ohio, the opportunity to complete the Park and Recreation Maintenance Management School at Oglebay Resort was, in his words, like a shot of adrenalin to his career in the parks and recreation field. Find out why and get his inside story on why Maintenance Management School is so valuable. Read more

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