Four Things I Learned Being a Conference Speaker

Kirsten Barnes | November 3, 2016
Speaking has offered me an opportunity to attend conferences that might otherwise not have received budget approval, and it has given me an opportunity to meet some amazing people who have become mentors and lifelong friends. What I didn’t anticipate was how the process of writing a session proposal, preparing to present and connecting with my peers would truly impact me as a professional. Read more

Conference Reflections: It’s About Building Community

Kirk W. Kincannon, CPRP | October 21, 2016
Kirk W. Kincannon, CPRP, AAPRA, Executive Director of the Fairfax County Park Authority, reflects on his time spent at the 2016 NRPA Annual Conference and how the lessons learned can be brought home to make a positive transformation in our communities. Read more

National Awards: A Great Way to Honor the Village

Atuya O. Cornwell | March 1, 2016
Since receiving the Robert W. Crawford Young Professional Award, I have been able to share my story as a park and recreation professional with a larger audience. Read more

Embrace the Power of National Awards

Michael W. Klitzing | February 26, 2016
Your park and recreation agency needs to be doing really great work to win a national award. That’s how it should be to be named one of the Best of the Best. Read more

Maintenance Management School: Not Just Another Training Class

William (David) McGaughey | December 10, 2015
Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation Manager William (David) McGuaghey, shares how NRPA's Park and Recreation Maintenance Management School has impacted his career.. Read more


Lauren Hoffmann | November 23, 2015

NRPA started a tradition with our Thanksgiving-themed blog posts that we hope you look forward to just as much as you do that special pie or side dish at your Thanksgiving feast!

Read more

5 Tips for Using the NRPA Career Center

Hayley MacDonell Herzing | November 20, 2015
Has your agency started to think about hiring and filling open positions? We've put together five tips to help you make the best use of the NRPA Career Center. Read more

NC2NV: Arizona State University

Editor | August 31, 2015
The Young Professional Network organized a virtual “road trip” out West, making “stops” at COAPRT accredited schools. The final stop was at Arizona State University. Read more

Top Tips from a Conference Newbie and Pro

Jay Tryon, CPRP | May 10, 2016

The NRPA Annual Conference is quickly approaching and the Young Professional Network (YPN) is very excited to bring you another blog to help you get ready for the event.

Read more

50 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your NRPA Membership

Hayley MacDonell;Lauren Hoffmann | August 10, 2015

As part of NRPA's 50th Anniversary, we challenged ourselves to come up with a list of 50 ways members can get engaged and take full advantage of NRPA membership.

Read more

Three Best Practices for Parks

Barbara Heller | July 17, 2015

Today city residents are looking for a more social experience from parks, with formal programming like yoga, movie nights and lawn games.

Read more

Staying a Top Workplace

Martin Dease | June 22, 2015
NRPA being awarded the title of Top Workplace means even more to us because it is based solely on employee surveys. Read more

NC2NV: Texas State University

Editor | June 9, 2015
The Young Professional Network organized a virtual “road trip” out West, making “stops” at COAPRT accredited schools. This blog focuses on the Texas State University. Read more

Why 50,000 is a Great Number for Parks and Recreation

Lauren Hoffmann | June 3, 2015
NRPA reached 50,000 park and recreation members in our 50th year. Read more

How to Prepare Now for Your Career Five Years from Now

Troy Houtman, CPRE | May 21, 2015
To fuel my desire to learn about being a park and recreation director, I attended the NRPA Directors School five years ago. Read more

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