Maureen Hannan | July 29, 2011

Each month, I work alongside NRPA’s PRORAGIS team to let our readers know the latest on this high tech mapping and benchmarking database application. 

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Support Your Local Rock Star

Elizabeth Beard | July 22, 2011

Outside of my office in the NRPA library is a modern, loosely painted portrait of NRPA’s first president, Laurence Rockefeller. Across the hall is another portrait of Laurence Rockefeller, this time in a more traditional style. 

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Five Things I Now Know about Obesity in America

Maureen Hannan | July 19, 2011

Not long ago my colleague Phil Hayward and I tackled a series of case studies for an editorial supplement on how parks are helping in the fight against obesity. 

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Planting Seeds of Appreciation

Phil Hayward | July 12, 2011

As any parent knows, the shortest distance between two points isn’t always a straight line. The more important the point to be made, the more this axiom applies.

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