Committed to Getting Kids Outdoors — 10 Million to be Exact

August 30, 2013

For many, outdoor play was a part of childhood. Rather than sitting in front of the TV or playing with electronics, we were outside socializing with other kids at parks and playgrounds. At Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, they believe in providing outdoor experiences for children, making them natural partners for the 10 Million Kids Outdoors campaign. In this blog, Lindsay Labas, Marketing Manager from Carmel Clay shares how this agency is leveraging the 10 Million Kids Outdoors campaign in their community and offers tips on how your agency can take advantage of the program. 

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What is a Trail? What is an Accessible Trail?

August 26, 2013

Trails across the United States help connect people to nature, inspire healthy activities, and by their very nature, help protect natural places - making communities more livable and connected.   Recently there has been a lot of chatter about accessible trails and coming regulations. Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe you haven’t. Either way, since we all strive to ensure all people have access to the benefits of parks and recreation, like trails, it is critically important to be aware of what is currently in place around trails accessibility and what’s to come in the next few years.  Accessibility expert, John McGovern, J.D., authors this two-part blog series on accessible trails. In this first part, he clears up the confusion about what is currently a requirement at this point in time.  

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Four Steps Parks and Rec Can Take to Wipe Obesity from the Headlines

August 23, 2013

Have you noticed obesity in the news lately? Numerous articles and studies published recently give us good reason to pat ourselves on the back. But still, other headlines stress that we have a lot more work to do and more investment must be focused on prevention. How can park and recreation agencies continue to contribute to the fight against obesity? We have identified four critical steps you can take now to demonstrate your leadership and contributions to health and wellness.

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We Took a Green Business Challenge, Can Your Agency?

August 16, 2013

Conservation in all of its many forms is incredibly important for parks and recreation which is one of the reasons why it is part of the NRPA Three Pillars.  Core to the mission of public parks and recreation is the preservation of natural resources and the promotion of good conservation and stewardship practices.   At NRPA we believe in this so much so that here at headquarters in Ashburn, VA we decided to take the Loudoun County, VA Green Business Challenge. Read on to find out how we did in the challenge and what we learned! 

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A Doctor Knows Best: Parks Do Equal Wellness Speed Session Preview

August 13, 2013

It is here, your next Speed Session preview! If you are heading to Congress, you have got to plan to attend one of these fast-paced sessions on Wednesday, Oct. 9.  If you’ve got 20-minutes then you have enough time to learn how parks working with doctors can be a prescription for good community health. In fact, that is what this blog post written by a team of colleagues from the Montgomery County Department of Parks, part of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission in Maryland explores. They preview their Speed Session about the Parks = Wellness program and how agencies can implement similar programs to demonstrate the important role parks and recreation have in health and wellness, one of NRPA’s Three Pillars.  

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The Bench With the View: A Business Lesson for Parks and Recreation

August 9, 2013

What’s a park bench have to do with business models for parks and recreation? In this blog Jeff Price, Business Manager for the City of Everett Parks and Recreation Department in Washington tells how pricing differentiation on memorial benches was a win/win business decision for the agency and how this can be just one of many business models that work for parks and recreation.

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Keep Nature Part of the Back to School Schedule

August 7, 2013

Just because the end of summer and the busy school season is here doesn’t mean you have to pull away from your programs that connect kids to nature.  Read on to get ideas on how to continue to work on reversing the trend of a childhood spent indoors this fall and all year long.  

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Heads Up: Be Aware About Concussions

August 1, 2013

These days, you’ll find more and more research and information about concussions and the importance of providing and practicing good concussion management.  Often in headline news (just as recently as yesterday!), concussions are serious business and knowing about them is important for those in parks and recreation. In this video blog (or vlog), Jay Tryon, CPRP, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department, interviews Rick Meyer from Central Maryland Rehabilitation Services on the management of concussions offering tips, information and resources that could help you and your community.      

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