Need Some Last Minute Inspiration?

Sarah Mylcraine | June 30, 2014
Park and Recreation Month is here and soon all the brainstorming, planning, preparing and more will be put into action.  If you need a little last minute inspiration or even a reminder as to why Park and Recreation Month can be an important part of your agency’s mission here’s a great story for you. Sarah Mylcraine, activities specialist for Harker Heights Parks and Recreation in Harker Heights, Texas gives the inside scoop on how she successfully implemented Park and Recreation Month activities for the very first time for her community last year and what she has in store for this year too!  Read more

5 Global Megatrends and What they mean for Parks and Recreation

Barbara Tulipane, CAE | June 27, 2014

I recently shared an article about the insurance industry’s assessment of “five global certainties that will impact insurance, business, and the world.”  With a title like that, you just have to open it and read it, right?  I mean, it’s only prudent to get smart about global certainties that will impact the world. So what are these earth-shaking ‘megatrends’ that will impact business, the world, and of course, the insurance industry? And what do they mean for parks and recreation?


Read more

5 Tips for Camping With Kids

Jessica Culverhouse | June 26, 2014
My family and I love to camp. My husband and I both grew up in camping families, and when our son was born, we knew we wanted to take him camping early and often to help foster a love for the outdoors and spend fun, quality time together. Our first camping trip as a family was to nearby Lake Fairfax Park when James was two months old. With camping season underway in much of the country, I encourage you to pack up the kids and the tent and head to your local park. Read more

Have you gone OUTside Today?

Lauren Hoffmann | June 24, 2014
How much time do you spend outside during the week? Ok, this is probably an unfair question to pose to most of you park and recreation professional out there, but for the average adult in the U.S., chances are the amount and time spent outdoors is relatively brief. Read more

Who Owns the Forests? Mountain Bike Trail Riders and Park Pros Weigh In

Danielle Taylor | June 19, 2014
When I began my research for the feature article on collaboratively built mountain biking trails for the June issue of Parks & Recreation Magazine, I started out by watching “Pedal-Driven,” a 2011 documentary that looks at both sides of the debate surrounding illegal mountain bike trail building in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests near Leavenworth, Washington. There, the U.S. Forest Service manages more than 4 million acres along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range, and in recent years, the land has been inundated with problems due to illegal trail building by mountain bikers in the area. Read more

Look Who’s Committing to Health

Editor | June 16, 2014
Virginia’s Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation has a mission to be the happiest, healthiest place to live, learn, work and play. This ambitious mission is one that’s being accomplished through numerous interventions led through parks and recreation.  In April, the department pledged with NRPA to Commit to Health in three after-school programs and in two summer camps.  Find out why and how they are committing to health for their community. Read more

Certification as Culture

Sara Baldwin | June 9, 2014
In your park and recreation department, is certification becoming the norm? For the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) in Fairfax County, Virginia, certification of staff through the NRPA Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) program has really taken a foothold within the agency. We checked in with the Park Authority to find out why certification is so valued and found that it has essentially become part of the culture for their staff. Read more

Sharing to Learn at Directors School

Tom O'Rourke | June 6, 2014
Each day, in everything we do, we either get better or we get worse. I often question where I should seek my next professional development experience in an attempt to better myself. I take my professional development very seriously. When I try to remember my favorite classes or schools that meant the most to me it is honestly hard to recall the intricate details of each individual session, but what I can always recall are the people that were in my classes and the instructors that made such a profound difference in shaping who I am. Read more

Creating a Healthier Community Through Meals, Outdoor Adventures and More

Sage Learn | June 2, 2014
One of the best parts of working for the National Recreation and Park Association is visiting our members and seeing all of the terrific work that is being done in communities across the country.  Our recent visit to Knoxville Parks and Recreation Department in Tennessee, one of 50 agencies that recently received a grant through NRPA and the Walmart Foundation to provide better access to healthy meals, was no exception. Read more


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