Defining Play Deserts – We are Getting Close

March 22, 2013

NRPA is actively working with the CDC and other leading experts on an effort to define ‘play deserts,’ essentially spaces that lack available opportunities for physical activity.  Zarnaaz Bashir, MPH, Director of Health Initiatives for NRPA, tells of the importance of defining play deserts for parks and recreation and how this definition will help you establish and demonstrate your role in improving communities through health and wellness and social equity. 


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In Their Words - Why Becoming CPRE Matters

March 22, 2013
People often ask us why they should invest in becoming a Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP). We tell them the truth—it shows their commitment to the field, tests their knowledge of parks and recreation, and helps them stand out among candidates in a crowded job market. Once park and rec professionals get certified, some wonder why they should take the next step and become a Certified Park and Recreation Executive (CPRE). We could spew out all the reasons, but we thought it would be best if you heard it from the source - CPRE's tell you in their words why certification matters!  Read more

Legislative Forum: Not What I Expected

March 22, 2013

Legislative Forum: Not What I Expected As a first-year employee with NRPA, I attended Legislative Forum this week as a novice, a little wide-eyed at the thought of meeting members of Congress in person and asking for their support on legislation important to the future of parks and recreation. I’ve lived i

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