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The Safety Zone

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This invaluable DVD features updated material designed to make it more relevant than ever. The DVD covers factors such as how children become over-stimulated, what the best ways are for counselors to discipline children, and he points out the "five golden rules" of supervising campers. Bob Ditter also specifies what behaviors are appropriate for staff to use with children, what the "three safe places" are to touch a child (along with the benefits of using touch), protocols for trips out of camp, and new material on Internet safety. A must-have DVD for every camp operating in North America. Among the topics covered: parents entrust their children to you, early identification of problems, five golden rules, establish routines early, three safe places to touch a child, and rules for sleeping.

A Healthy Learning DVD

2007 • 36-minute DVD

ISBN 827008954599

$50 (member & non-member)

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