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Leisure Program Planning and Delivery

By Ruth V. Russell and Lynn M. Jamieson

Leisure Program Planning and Delivery provides a comprehensive three-step plan for successful programming of leisure services and operational management of program systems in recreation and leisure service organizations. Grounded in contemporary professional practice and real-world applications, the book provides a systematic plan for students to learn the essentials of successful recreation programming, with examples of a variety of activities in community, outdoor, sport, cultural arts, and tourism sectors of the field. Throughout the text, the City of Westerville, Ohio, Parks and Recreation Department-a 2001 and 2007 Gold Medal Awardee-serves as a case study. A bound-in CD-ROM contains learning activities and assignments, Web links, and sample forms.

A Human Kinetics book

2008 • 264 pages • Hardcover with CD-ROM

ISBN 978-0-7360-5733-2

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