Supervisors' Management School Marketing Toolkit

NRPA encourages you to use the information provided here to showcase your participation in the NRPA Supervisors' Management School. Please use these tools to share your dedication to the parks and recreation profession with your friends, with your colleagues, and with the local media. Congratulations on your acceptance into this elite program.

School Logo

As a participant or graduate of Supervisors' Management School, please feel to show your involvement by using the NRPA Supervisors' Management School logo in your email signature or through your social media channels.

Oglebay Photos

You can’t ask for a better location for learning than Oglebay. Feel free to use these photos on Facebook, share through your Twitter account, or post to your personal web site. All photos courtesy of Oglebay.

Sample Email Signatures

Show your pride through your email signature. We have shared some samples you are welcome to use—or you can come up with your own! You can also use the logo provided to give your signature that added punch.

Sample Social Media Messages

Social media is a great way to share your involvement before, during and after NRPA’s Supervisors' Management School. Here are some sample tweets and Facebook posts for your use.

Before Supervisors' Management School

Just registered for #NRPASMS! Can’t wait to meet with the other #park & rec pros

I’m investing in my career and [@ agency/dept] by attending @NRPA_News #NRPASMS!

Facebook: Just registered for Supervisors' Management School through the @National Recreation and Park Association. Can’t wait to get started. Here’s what I’ll be doing! #NRPASMS

During Supervisors' Management School

Finished my first session at #NRPASMS! Can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned [@ agency/dept] [or post picture]

Love the networking at #NRPASMS! Meeting lots of great park and rec pros! [post picture]

Facebook: Made it to Supervisors' Management School at Oglebay in Wheeling, WV! Just finished up a session on [topic]. Can’t wait to get home and start implementing these new ideas! [Include picture] #NRPASMS

After Supervisors' Management School

Completed #NRPASMS! Great learning experience with great people!

Facebook: I just completed Supervisors' Management School. It was a great time and I’ll be applying what I learned at [@agency/dept]! #NRPASMS

Graduate Checklist

Congrats! You just completed two years of professional development that has hopefully left you inspired and invigorated in your career.

Here are a few things to do right now: