Voices For Parks and Recreation

Voices are powerful. They communicate not only a message, but the sentiment behind that message. They are persuasive and when many voices come together, they can be unstoppable.

This year, we’re asking you to be a #Voice4ParksNRec at Legislative Forum to ensure our elected officials know why funding for parks and recreation is vital. We asked some of you to answer the questions “Why is it important to support legislation for local parks and recreation?” and “Why advocate for community parks and recreation?” Here is what you had to say:

AudioPatrick Cooper, Regional Park Administrator for Delaware State Parks and a #Voice4ParksNRec

AudioChristian Moore, CPRP, Director of Cathedral Oaks Retreat Center, Chair of NRPA’s Young Professional Network and a #Voice4ParksNRec

AudioMark Young, Federal Legislative Chair, Ohio Parks and Recreation Association and a #Voice4ParksNRec

We hope to see you in March at Legislative Forum where all our voices will come together to advocate for parks and recreation.