Love Your Certification

Special Promotion March 24-31

Love Your CertificationDuring the last week of the Love Your Certification campaign, if you complete an online CPRP application, or the joint paper CPRP/CPRE application and you will receive a special code to participate in the new online CPRP Prep Course (a $100 value). If you have ever thought about applying for the CPRP exam, do it today to get the free prep course! You have until midnight, March 31.

More than 4,000 park and recreation professionals have either CPRP or CPRE after their names. And boy do they love their certification. Check out why:

I love my certification because I believe it is our professional responsibility! Attorneys, public school teachers, physicians, accountants and many other professions have required national exams, why should our profession require anything less? I feel I would be doing a disservice by NOT striving for our profession's national exam.

-- Dr. Eddie Hill, CPRP, Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

I love my certification because maintaining a professional certification opened job opportunities for career advancement; whereas without my certification upward mobility would have been delayed. My certification is like a lighthouse to those that I mentor, hence certification guides my ability to educate others about my profession.

-- James D. Worsley, Ph.D., CPRE, CTRS, Parks and Recreation Director, Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, Columbus, GA

Certification is a ticket to opportunity and growth! One has to study/learn to obtain their certification; and one continues their professional and personal growth via continuing education to keep their certification. It is this positive habit of learning and growing (staying viable) that creates opportunity in the work place and in one's career... it at least has for me. The value priceless!

-- Michal Anne Lord, Ph.D., CPRP, TRS/TXC, Executive Director, Texas Recreation and Park Society

I love my certification for the doors and minds it has opened. It has allowed me to move in directions I otherwise could not have. It has also opened the minds of those around me that we too are professionals.

-- Peter Lamont Jr., Assistant Director, College Station Parks and Recreation Dept., College Station, TX

To spread the love, between February 14 and March 31, if you complete the application for either exam, you will be entered into a drawing. The winners (one for CPRP and one for CPRE) will each receive NRPA online learning vouchers to cover the CEUs for their first renewal. That is the equivalent of nearly $500 worth of CEUs.

Get started today by completing the appropriate application. Better yet, challenge yourself and complete the joint application.

CPRP CertificationThe Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) certification is granted to individuals employed in the recreation, park resources and leisure services profession who meet high standards of performance.

CPRE CertificationThe Certified Park and Recreation Executive (CPRE) certification can be achieved by individuals employed in the recreation, park resources and leisure services profession who meet high standards of performance at a mastery (middle to upper management) level.

If you already have your CPRP or CPRE, please share why you love your certification by sending a note or short video to: