How to Apply for CPRP

How to Apply:

1.    Complete the Application (by Mail or Online)
2.    Submit the Application Fee - $240 for students/$260 for NRPA members/$304 for non-NRPA members* 
                * The application fee includes the examination fee ($195) and designated application fee.
3.    Provide Proof of Education
                Official Transcript from University verifying Associate's/Bachelor’s Degree or 
                Copy of High School Diploma
4.    Complete and submit Work experience form (if applicable)

What to Expect:

 º    Applicants will receive an email notification from NRPA within one month of applying, verifying the completion of the application process. This email will include: information for scheduling your exam with the professional testing company, the candidate handbook, and information on how to prepare for the exam (study guide and practice exam).

º    Applicants have one year from application processing to sit for the exam.

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Please click here to access the CPRP & CPRE Policy and Procedure Manual.

For questions or further information on certification, please email us at [email protected]