CAPRA Trainings

Learn more about Agency Accreditation through the CAPRA Training Program

The CAPRA Training Program includes:

  • Review of all accreditation standards
  • Discussion of how best to prepare for accreditation review
  • Overview of costs and timeline
  • Opportunity for question and answers

Current Training Opportunities

Agency and Visitor Training:

Texas Recreation & Park Society, March 4, 2016 

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, OR, March 9, 2016

Howard County Recreation and Parks, March 16, 2016

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Minneapolis, MN, April or May 10, 2016

Contact for additional information.

Online Training Opportunities


 CAPRA Visitor Training

A critical component of the agency accreditation process is the peer visit. This webinar provides a brief overview of the visit process but focuses on the important role of the visit team chair. The chair of the team sets the tone for the visit and is the link between the agency and the commission. This one hour webinar will provide needed information for current chairs as well as visitors who meet the criteria to chair future visits.

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Host a CAPRA Training Program


If you are interested in hosting a CAPRA Training, please email Additional information can be found in the documents below.