• PRORAGIS Results

    Results provide us with information we can use to improve. PRORAGIS™ provides several ways easy, yet effective ways agencies can use the power of PRORAGIS. From real-time data point graphs to customized reports to useful calculators, PRORAGIS provides the results you need to compare your agency, answer key questions, and begin to address challenges.


    Do you want to see how your agency compares to other agencies in areas that are most commonly used for planning and management? Or are you looking for agencies you can learn from?

    These questions and more can be answered by using the Benchmarking Data and Custom Reports tools under the Compare Tab in PRORAGIS. When you look at Benchmarking Data or run a custom report, you can see exactly how your agency compares to specific agencies you select and against national averages. You can use these reports to start meaningful discussions, discover where you can improve efficiencies, and analyze your effectiveness. Use the power of PRORAGIS today. Login to PRORAGIS to use this tool.


    The Calculate tool is designed to provide agencies a snapshot of the positive environmental, economic and social benefits of their parks. To use this tool, please login to PRORAGIS.


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