• GIS 101

    Getting Started with GIS

    To submit your GIS data, log in to the PRORAGIS database just as when submitting survey data. Click on "Profile Management," select the relevant year for data entry, and find the GIS tab at the end of the second row of tabs.

    1. At the GIS landing page, you can download a preformatted Excel spreadsheet or the File Geodatabase (in the Full or Lite versions). In addition, there are links to instructions for a File Geodatabase upload and definitions of GIS attributes and values.
    2. To enter the GIS program, click the green “NRPA GIS Program” button.
    3. Depending on your browser and the type of computer system you use, a “Share Location” option will appear at the top or bottom of the page. Agreeing to share your location will bring the map to the area where you are located.
    4. As well, you may receive a message asking whether you would like to only view webpage content that was “delivered securely.” We recommend that you do not require secure content in order to ensure full mapping capabilities are enabled.
    5. As you move through each of the blue sections on the left, notice they all have a question mark icons on the left that, when clicked, provide instruction and clarification.

    There are three (3) available methodologies for loading your GIS information into PRORAGIS. The method you choose will depend, to a large extent, on your current resource inventory storage methodology. The possibilities include:

    Manual Upload

    Submit data manually if you have no recorded inventory of parks, trails, and facilities and no direct access to GIS applications.

    1. Enter the GIS Program and click “Share Location” to see the map of your location.
    2. Once you have your jurisdiction showing on your desktop, go to the Edit section and select one of the choices for adding parks, trails, and facilities. Initially you will probably want to outline the polygons for the parks. The small question mark in the box contains instructions on creating a polygon.
    3. The next step will be to complete the data set under information for that park.
    4. You can then go back to edit and select a facility point or polygon and locate facilities within your park.
    5. This process can be repeated until you have completed your inventory. It will then be available as a printable PDF so you have a completed inventory. To Print, click File, Print.

    The above process can take some time to complete if the data is not readily available. We encourage you to use interns from local colleges or high schools if you are short of personnel to complete the profile. We also encourage you to load a small test dataset before proceeding with the entire dataset to work out any attribute issues up front.

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    Contact Daniel Espada, NRPA GIS Research Analyst, with questions or comments.

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