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    What is a Large Agency PRORAGIS Profile?

    PRORAGIS Large Agency is intended to be completed by medium- to large-sized park and recreation departments. Agencies that meet all of the following criteria should complete a Large Agency profile:


    1. Jurisdiction population is over 35,000 people.
    2. Staff includes over 25 full-time employees.
    3. Department budget is over $4.0 Million.

    Agencies that fall below any of the above indicators may opt to complete the Small Agency PRORAGIS profile.

    How does PRORAGIS Large Agency differ from Small Agency profiles?

    Completing a Large Agency PRORAGIS profile will require that your department pay close attention to the details. The Large Agency profile asks a series of questions, which often require response to follow-up questions, that are meant to further clarify your department’s operations. Delving into this level of detail is most often appropriate for departments that have a large staff and budget, and multiple functional divisions within the department.

    As is the case with Small Agency PRORAGIS participants, it is expected that your department will submit GIS data in order for their Large Agency profile to be considered complete.

    How will the information submitted in a Large Agency PRORAGIS profile benefit our agency?

    Unique to the Large Agency PRORAGIS profile is that its structure enables participants to determine whether other departments are a good selection for peer comparison or benchmark study. After completing your Large Agency PRORAGIS profile, NRPA members will receive a robust performance report. That data available in the report will help your department:

    • Determine which departments make good peer comparison partners
    • Identify departments providing certain services or facing challenges of relevance to you
    • Justify budgets, provide planning assistance, and identify best practices

    What do I need to get started?

    The Large Agency PRORAGIS profile requires the greatest amount of time to complete and often requires collaboration across staff and, potentially, across departments. Generally speaking, to complete a Large Agency profile a department will need to have on hand:

    • Jurisdiction and department budget
    • Department's organization chart and salary schedule
    • Annual program plan
    • Inventory of parks and facilities

    The actual time required to complete a Large Agency profile has been reported as between 4 to 14 hours. It will be much easier to finish the profile if the relevant data has been gathered beforehand. Although it is not a quick or simple task, after completing a profile your department will immediately gain access to an abundance of information.

    What kind of data will I receive in the Large Agency Report?

    Submitting a Large Agency Report will give your department access to the most detailed data available. NRPA members will be provided with a custom agency performance report.** The report is a customized look at your department in comparison to all participants and a subset of departments that serve a similar population density. These results offer broad “yardsticks” against which your management and operations can be measured, allowing you to gauge your strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities.

    Of course, NRPA members have access to many of the additional online reporting features found under the Reports tab after login. These allow users to create their own data aggregations in order to compare themselves to departments that meet specific criteria of their own choice. Online reports are available on-demand, based on real-time data.

    *Note: Please save the fillable PDF to your computer desktop, then open from that location to begin your data input.

    **Note: To gain access to all PRORAGIS reporting features, non-members may join NRPA or purchase access in the NRPA store.

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